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  1. "I am going to use some Aristotelian logic here." Haha, I love when you know somebody is about to say a bunch of dumbass bullshit from their first sentence. I think Andrew Ti himself put it nicely on his blog "Any time someone starts trying to tell you who the real racist is, it's them."
  2. thestray

    Street Trash (1987)

    Seconded. Easily the most bizarre movie I've ever seen.
  3. Eye End Horse Schmidt ROM Knee
  4. "How about me and homeboy... take ol' girl..." Horatio Sanz in that bit killed me. Pushing each other's backs for extra thrust! hahaha. Definitely recommending this episode as a starting point for new listeners.
  5. thestray

    The Peanut Butter Solution (1985)

    OH MY GOD YES! For several years I wasn't sure if this movie was a vague memory or my imagination. I was always trying to describe it to people with the little information I could remember and no one ever knew what the hell I was talking about.
  6. Yikes... maybe this is TOO terrible to have them sit through though? There's gotta be a limit to what Paul, June and Jason can endure.
  7. Oh man, I just listened to the latest episode 44 Lauren Lapkus, Dave Theune, Eugene Codero, and the last scene where you make the scene about Lauren bringing up eating ass HAS TO BE IN THE BEST OF! The scene starts about 1:03:30
  8. thestray

    Episode 38 — Bad Ass

    Is that how you interpreted the Epic Beard Man video? I just watched it again and it's pretty clear (to me at least) that EBM was under the assumption that the guy actually shined shoes due to some sort of miscommunication. Listen to what he says, listen to his tone, and look at his face, he's clearly surprised and confused that the guy is angry at him. The other guy gets mad, threatens him, EBM moves to other side end of the bus to avoid the conflict. They exchange words and threats from across the bus, and then the guy gets up and goes over to EBM and swings on him. EBM retaliated. Whether you interpret him as racist or not he definitely wasn't the agressor in the situation, the other guy began the threats and the other guy threw the first punch. It was the other guy that escalated it into a fight, not EBM.
  9. thestray

    Question about Brody Stevens

    Having seen Brody Stevens a lot in LA over the years, and heard him a lot on podcasts, I think he's a pretty genuine guy even when he's doing a shtick. He's such an intense guy though that it's hard to tell when he's trying to be funny and when he's unintentionally being funny.
  10. Yeah, this was a really bad, really weird movie. I have to say though, I always have a little bit of respect for someone who tries to do something different, whether they succeed or not. I still kinda think the guy has potential, it all depends on whether or not he'll learn from his mistakes.
  11. thestray

    Episode 167 — New No-Nos

    Paul Rust is too great.
  12. thestray

    Episode 166 — Farts and Procreation 2

    Had to do the follow up album as well.
  13. thestray

    A Sound of Thunder (2005)

    My bad, I did do a search but failed to take note of the fact that searches can't contain words under four letters, so it didn't return any results. Woopsie! My apologies.
  14. thestray

    Episode 166 — Farts and Procreation 2

    Had to make this.
  15. I love the Eric segments, he's like Matt's Karl Pilkington. And I think this episode definitely proves that genius improv can be mined from his interviews. I definitely hope this isn't the last we hear of him.
  16. thestray

    A Sound of Thunder (2005)

    One of the most absurdly bad movies I've ever seen. I'll let wikipedia explain: "The film received overwhelmingly negative critical reviews.Common complaints against the film included its poor special effects, uninvolved performances, scientific errors, and Ben Kingsley's hair. As a result of the poor reviews and lack of promotion, the film which was estimated to have cost $80 million — grossed less than $12 million in worldwide release. A Sound of Thunder currently holds a 6% rating on Rotten Tomatoes based on 96 reviews."
  17. thestray

    Guest suggestions

    Jason Mantzoukas.
  18. thestray

    Guest suggestions

    What would be great is to hear a special UCB founders episode with Walsh, Roberts and Phoeler. I'm not going to hold my breath but that would be cool. I'd really like to hear Jerry Minor on an episode.
  19. Jon Glaser is one of my favorite people of all time, it was great to hear him on the podcast. You've gotta get him on again some time in the future.
  20. Matt Besser, you yelling "GODDAMIT WHAT THE FUCK WOULD BE IN THE SKY BESIDES A BIRD OR A PLANE?!" brought tears to my eyes. You guys are brilliant, and these bonus episodes are definitely worth sharing, keep em coming.