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  1. thestray

    For Y'ur Height Only (1981)

    I might have to get some friends together for this one.
  2. thestray

    The Jackal (1997)

    Why not explore his relationship with his son though? I think that was just as good of a move as any, it just wasn't a very interesting script. I don't think Willis was even his old self during the action scenes though, he seemed just as glib and apathetic when the shit was going down. One of the most boring action movies I've seen in a while.
  3. thestray

    The Amazing Bulk (2010)

    That's like a huge compliment for this movie.
  4. Because it's fun. Some people are geeks, myself included, with a strong inner child, and are able to enjoy frivolous things for what they are. Monsters, robots, super powers, martial arts, etc, if you're adults there's not a lot of outlets to see all that kind of stuff combined unless it's in a kid's show or an anime.
  5. What's mystifying about it? It's colorful superheros who have robots that fight monsters from space, why would kids NOT love that? I was about the right age when MMPR came out in America, and it was kinda mind blowing as a kid. While this kinda stuff had existed forever in Japan, for a kid in America seeing a live action superhero show where the heroes had dinosaur themed robots and fought monsters every week was really exciting. There was nothing else like it on American tv. It was a lot of fun. It's no worse than all the other stuff that people grew up with like TMNT, and GI Joe, and Thundercats, and Transformers and a million other things. And yeah, they edited in clips from other shows, and there was some crappy editing and effects, but there was kind of a charm to it, just like poorly dubbed old martial arts movies it just becomes part of the aesthetic. As a person who is kind of a big kid who loves cartoons and such and also has a brother going on 10, I watch a lot of kids shows, and I've seen a lot of the newer iterations of Power Rangers, and if you're a person who doesn't mind utterly silly and frivolous stuff a lot of it's not so bad. It's very cheesy and aimed at young kids, but sometimes the writing isn't terrible, and there are some cool character designs. It's good programming for it's intended audience.
  6. That's true, new people coming to the forum to suggest something aren't going to know that though.
  7. thestray

    Getaway (2013)

    I saw a trailer for this in the theater and I chuckled when I saw Selena Gomez. I have nothing against her, but in the other trailer they introduce her differently, she comes up to Ethan Hawke's car and tries to rob him at gunpoint, and it just seemed so absurd and unbelievable that they were trying to frame this pretty young girl as a street criminal. As for Ethan Hawke, maybe he just wanted to do an action movie *shrug*. I feel like a lot of movies probably seem better on paper because you can imagine the best version of it in your mind.
  8. thestray

    The Jackal (1997)

    Wait, so you're saying that Willis ISN'T phoning it in in those new Die Hard movies? I watched the latest one a couple days ago and it was such a lukewarm performance by him. That movie is almost HDTGM worthy because John McClane has been reduced to this lifeless smug guy who does nothing but say one-liners with a smirk and does not feel the gravity of any situation. He just seems mildly inconvenienced the whole time. And also, according to wiki and imdb, Sidney Poitier has been in a few other things after The Jackal, nothing very recently though. I doubt a movie like The Jackal could "end" the career of a respected acting legend like Poitier. He'd be working if he wanted to.
  9. thestray

    The Amazing Bulk (2010)

    Yikes. I like that the camera man is point his camera down into the helicopter the whole time, which you can't blame him much for, obviously he was just sitting in a chair somewhere with no idea how the "helicopter" would be situated around him.
  10. Love the Power Rangers movie. Have seen it a hundred times. Yes, I would very much enjoy an HDTGM episode on it.
  11. thestray


    When did she play at being "poor"? I guess I don't follow the happenings of Miley Cyrus as closely as other people. I understand the problematic sociological implications of what she's doing, but at the end of the day I mostly feel she's just like any other young person embracing what is hip in mainstream American pop culture. Twerking is part of mainstream American pop culture being consumed by the masses, it's in music videos of billboard topping recording artists, in youtube videos, in gifs on tumblr, it's what every other young woman of any race is doing in the club. So as absurd and disingenuous as it may be, I think she's just another person doing what she thinks is cool now. But really though, it's not Miley trying to be black that America is reacting to, it's her suddenly behaving in a sexually suggestive way that's got everybody all whipped into a tizzy, the image that's gone viral is of her with her ass up against Robin Thicke and people are all shocked about that for some reason. People are acting like it's the craziest wildest shit they've ever seen, and it's like jeez calm the fuck down everyone, what's the big deal. She shakes her ass against a man wearing almost nothing and now people are anticipating a future meltdown, as if being sexual makes her automatically a young woman in crisis. I don't think you're wrong about the racial stuff, but I think people are tearing her down for the completely wrong (completely sexist and slut shaming) reasons. And if I had to hear Paul, June and Jason get into it I'd probably skip the episode because I definitely don't want to hear more Miley Cyrus talk on one of the podcasts that brings me the most joy in life.
  12. thestray


    I think it's just kinda gross how gung ho our culture is when it comes to bashing and judging young women. It's an absurd amount of scrutiny. As for her twerking, who cares.
  13. thestray

    Elektra (2005)

    Rise of the Silver Surfer at least has that really cool Silver Surfer/Human Torch sequence, I remember they released that as a clip before it came out, and it turned out to be the only good part of the film.
  14. thestray


    After all that's been said about this movie in this thread, I feel like literally nothing actually funny about this movie has been brought up yet. That's pretty much why I don't think it's good HDTGM fodder.
  15. thestray

    Episode 70 — Gymkata: LIVE!

    But in a sense isn't the kata teaching you moves or skills that you would in turn use in a fight? Wouldn't "gymkata" just be a way to describe how he practices karate? Nvm, I have no idea what I'm talking about, "gymkata" is probably wrong like everything else in this movie.
  16. thestray


    Is that really unfortunate though? I'm glad I don't have to hear about Miley Cyrus at the VMAs on of my favorite podcasts.
  17. thestray

    Episode 70 — Gymkata: LIVE!

    Hm, I think I side more with the lady's explanation. If "Within the discipline of Karate, there are many Kata" as you say, couldn't one say that the kata that Cabbot uses to practice karate is gymnastics influenced kata, a gymkata? I'm not a martial arts expert, but isn't a kata essentially a form within a martial art? He has a gymnastics form, a gymnastics kata, a gymkata? Why am I even talking about this inane shit, haha.
  18. thestray

    Episode 240 — #TheWorldsEnd

    The whole bit about how a red "DEAD" stamp should appear on tv when cast members are deceased had me cracking up. It all had me cracking up. They were all great, but Simon Pegg was on fire.
  19. thestray

    DAREDEVIL (2003)

    Why do you genuinely believe some random stuff you imagined? There's nothing behind that opinion. And why do you think any of those movies would change their opinion? I don't see what Hollywoodland, The Town and Argo have to do with being able to play a good Batman.
  20. thestray

    DAREDEVIL (2003)

    I mean, I feel like people always throw that "you're still going to see it anyway" thing out there too much. So what? I don't think it's that crazy to think a casting choice sucks but still be interested in seeing the movie. Is a person's opinion not valid if they're still willing to give it a try? I personally don't see it as "hypocritical". I'm just saying when you jump to a bunch of conclusions about what some hypothetical kids may or may not have seen, it just seems like you're reaching just to dismiss an opinion. In general I feel like people have this condescending dismissive attitude towards nerds for having a strong opinion about things that most people couldn't care less about. I've never seen people saying "jock rage" when sports fans are bad about what team LeBron gets traded to, nobody's like "You'll still watch the games, so shut up." People are just extra quick to paint all nerds with the same brush and scrutinize their opinions. Personally I feel like people criticizing nerdom are getting just as kneejerk as they perceive the nerds they're criticizing to be. But seriously, I don't see what's so weird about an internet backlash to a super weird casting choice for a widely beloved character. It would be way weirder if the internet was like "Ben Affleck as Batman? Perfect!"
  21. thestray

    DAREDEVIL (2003)

    Do you work at Hot Topic or something? Why do you keep saying the "Hot Topic kids"? I don't know man, I feel like you're just assuming a whole bunch of stuff here about a hypothetical group of people you "don't think" have seen such and such movie and thus have arbitrary opinions. But what's the point in inventing an imaginary group just to dismiss them? Why is it "haters just gotta hate" and "nerd rage"? Why can't it just be a bunch of people having a valid opinion?
  22. thestray

    DAREDEVIL (2003)

    I mean... they know who the actor Ben Affleck is, and they know who the character Batman is... isn't that enough reason to not like the fact that Ben Affleck is playing Batman?
  23. thestray

    DAREDEVIL (2003)

    I think Affleck is a pretty decent actor, but the problem with him as Daredevil, or Batman, is those characters are supposed to be really tough intimidating guys, and I just don't get that from Affleck no matter how many muscles he has. Batman especially is supposed to be the badass of all badasses, so to cast Affleck that's a strange choice, who knows though, maybe he has it in him to pull a Heath Ledge and surprise the world. The Daredevil movie weirdly has a lot of loyal defenders, a lot of whom cite the director's cut as a good movie (I don't think it's much better). Bullseye was definitely the best part of the movie.
  24. I think I'll actually try pitching that to the both of them.
  25. Vincent Gallo, Shmincent Shmallo Since one of my top 5 is being done next episode this is now my list: Miami ConnectionSamurai CopGet EvenHard Ticket To Hawaiiand in place of Gymkata, Surf Ninjas I loved Surf Ninjas as a kid, it just celebrated it's 20th anniversary. It's crazy, it's enjoyable, and since the kid in this movie is played by one of my friends it would personally be really exciting for me.