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  1. Does anybody else remember The Barbarian Brothers? Two muscle-bound mullet sporting twin brothers who made a handful of films in the late 80's/early 90's? Any one of their films would be ripe for HDTGM, I just happened to watch Double Trouble recently after the memory of it randomly popped into my head.




    The cop brother is running around in a bare midriff Raider's sweater for the majority of the movie.


    Favorite scene: Cop twin is strenuously benchpressing and loudly grunting with each rep as his sexy lady neighbor listens through the wall as if it's the sexiest things she's ever heard.

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  2. Haven't watched Olympus Has Fallen yet (if I ever will), but I watched White House Down last night, and for what it was it was fine, I liked that the bad guys were mostly racist American white guys, haha, instead of scary foreigners. Annnnd I also like that Garcelle Beauvais was the 1st lady, allowing me to fantasize that the movie was a continuation of The Jamie Foxx Show. There was a lot of illogical shit going on, but like... kinda the type of stuff you'd expect out of these types of movies.

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  3. That reminds me, I'm sure it's already been mentioned in this or any of the other Miami Connection threads that have popped up, but in case it hasn't, the picture of the dad that Jim shows before his speech, and the guy who shows up at the end are NOT THE SAME PERSON. How hard would it have been to take a picture of the actual actor playing the dad to use for that scene?

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