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  1. This episode was good, but it would've been even better if it were at the Just for Laughs comedy festival in Montreal, QC.
  2. Thanks for posting this. I was just about to. Sanders has apparently not emerged on the west coast yet, but he's our best chance. Do a little research about him and what he's done in the senate and maybe take note that he supports women's rights! https://berniesanders.com/
  3. ac00perw

    Episode 86.5 — Minisode 86.5

    Wow. I just got a massive drama boner.
  4. ac00perw

    Episode 86.5 — Minisode 86.5

    Looking forward to this episode. I'm watching the movie right now. The acting is bad. Soft-core porn bad.
  5. ac00perw

    Episode 67 — Sharknado

    Finally got around to Sharknado. Man, it's horrible. Not sure if I can make it through. Picture: Nemo from the 'living room shark got my mom's boyfriend pretty good' scene.
  6. ac00perw

    Popeye (1980)

    Me too. Fantastic movie. Great music.
  7. ac00perw


    Yes please!
  8. ac00perw


    I'd like to third this. And the other thread about ZARDOZ.
  9. This one was awesome. Had a hard time seeing the road through the laughter tears.
  10. ac00perw

    Episode 24 — Humanzee

    I was thinking more along the lines of Kabuki: Either way, this was an instant classic.
  11. ac00perw

    Episode 92 — Tiny Andy Dufrane

    ZG was great, but it was Mark Wahlberg's VM that had me rolling. Again.