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  1. This was great. I wish I could have been one of the lucky audience members. The volume that the guests had to keep was rough on the ears, but at least I could hear them well enough to enjoy the improv, unlike some bad recordings on otherwise great live podcasts. More live shows would be welcome. If improv4humans can be a stage show, it's only fair that we get more recorded ASSSSSSCAT. Make it happen, Professor Besser! ;D
  2. Improv4Sam

    Episode 118 — Dear Diary!

    I usually enjoy this show, but I definitely could have done without almost 15 minutes of urban outfitters and pants discussion. Talk about "the least important questions." I enjoy Totally Laime, and think it's a great listen most weeks. Thanks for bringing it to us.
  3. Improv4Sam

    Something's wrong with the Earwolf Site

    Excellent, I can now view the site normally. Thanks to Andres and Jeff for getting this sorted out so quickly! At the very least, this problem caused me to sign up for a forum account. I'll be sure to post comments on my favorite episodes in the future!
  4. Improv4Sam

    Something's wrong with the Earwolf Site

    Follow up- Same issue in Internet Explorer.
  5. Improv4Sam

    Something's wrong with the Earwolf Site

    To be more specific, not every link from the main page causes this problem. The forums, and the earwolf show directory look normal. Episode and guest pages are where I seem to be getting these problems. Sometimes show descriptions are covered up unless I resize the font, but for the most part, I can still see all of the content. It just looks really ugly
  6. Improv4Sam

    Something's wrong with the Earwolf Site

    All the machines in my house are having the same problem, on both Firefox and Chrome browsers. It looks exactly like indi9o82's screenshot. The problem starts whenever I click any link on the main page.