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  1. I'd be perfectly fine with more than one atheist rant a year, for some reason I just love when Matt gets angry.
  2. Neclord

    Now on Earwolf - TOPICS!

    Will the Earwolf juggernaut ever be stopped? What's next, Earwolf Presents: This American Life?
  3. I was just talking the other day about how shirt without pants is the worst possible way to be exposed. This podcast really speaks to me.
  4. Neclord

    Episode BO2013.3 β€” Best of 2013 Pt 3

    Oh my god, next week sounds amazing.
  5. Excitement levels at critical.
  6. Neclord

    Wait, whuuuuuuuuuut?!?

    God, I am so excited.
  7. Neclord

    Episode 259 β€” Charlotte's Website

    Lauren is so funny.
  8. Neclord

    Episode 258 β€” Yoke Jams

    Great musical guests this episode.
  9. Well now I feel like a total dick having what could be interpreted as a whining post as the first in this thread. Thanks, Obama!
  10. I'd like to mention the episode was very funny, I just hoped for a Brett Gelman appearance as it's been so long. It would be hard to top last year's visit to Suicide House and doing something different certainly paid off, Steven Yuen returning so soon was a very nice surprise.
  11. I am not seeing Brett Gelman on that guest list.
  12. Neclord

    Episode 242 β€” Veggie Dongs

    I would have loved either a straight Thomas Lennon or a Li'l Gary appearance. I win both ways, suckas!
  13. Neclord

    Episode 236 β€” Murderer Heaven

    I'm very tempted to not pass up the Portland show, I missed it last year and kind of regret it.
  14. This episode was so fucking funny.
  15. Bamford is getting a lot of praise, but we shouldn't overlook the considerable improv talents of Matthew Love.
  16. Neclord

    Episode 226 β€” Β‘Aspira!

    Scott was totally about to drop an "iPods, iPads, iDon'tknowanymore" shortly before WYR, but got cut off.
  17. I am shocked, shocked that this episode has so many comments.
  18. Amy is the greatest, I hope she returns soon. That video is something else, I hope it's sincere. Saving galaxies, learning languages... that guy has fake accomplished so much with games, we should all be inspired by his example.
  19. This has been a rollercoaster of a thread.
  20. Neclord

    Episode 1 β€” Cat Ranch Chaos

    "Why does this exist?" Why shouldn't this exist? Yeah.
  21. I liked how Kirkman was an instant pro at WYR. Maybe PFT's skills rubbed off on her after all those phonecalls.
  22. Neclord

    Episode 213 β€” Star Graves

    Both this and Sanz's previous CBB character seem fixated on Los Angeles street directions. Also, both made me laugh really hard.