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  1. Kiss me, I'm Irish. And my kisses cure cancer.
  2. Neclord

    Questions for Sark

    Dungeons & Dragons is Serious Business.
  3. It was just great that not only was there live music, but the improv-ers got in on it and sang stuff too. I love how many places they draw inspiration from with the show and that it continues to evolve.
  4. When Besser sets out to make the best podcast in the universe, he doesn't fuck around.
  5. Neclord

    Episode 205 — Titans of Comedy

    Nathan For You is awesome, everybody watch it.
  6. Neclord

    Episode 204 — The Pepper Men

    The revelation that this episode was recorded back in October makes all the jokes about the Pope retiring very odd.
  7. I'll assume a certain floppy haired intern was in charge of hanging it.
  8. This is a much more successful mid-scene integration than last week's.
  9. Yeah, keep it to the Medical Beep Beep with Dr Kulap boards, guys.
  10. Neclord

    Who Charted LIVE tonight on YouTube!

    Oh jesus, I step away from the computer for one minute and come back to Lee. Amazing. Where'd Howard go?
  11. Neclord

    Who Charted LIVE tonight on YouTube!

    The subtly animated break card is pretty cool, I have to say that all the video Earwolf graphics have been very nice.
  12. Neclord

    Who Charted LIVE tonight on YouTube!

    The Who Charted? experience is improved a hundredfold simply by being able to see Howard live in his own body.
  13. Neclord

    Add Your Artwork!

    Hopefully this resizes and doesn't stretch the page for everybody. EDIT: Kinda small, here's a bigger version.
  14. If you saw Eric in person and didn't try to touch his hair, I think you should really question your Earwolf fan status, and maybe just go ahead and delete your account.
  15. Are there any remaining leaps in presentation that could make Eric even more nervous? 3D maybe?
  16. "I just want rights for everybody." "Oh yeah, that's a biggie." I'm interested in staging a performance of Thurgood Marshall's March, who do I get in touch with that has the rest of the play?
  17. A gem in the most honest sense of the term. This isn't a bad movie in any way.
  18. Neclord

    Jeff Q&A

    Wait, I have a real question now. When will Earwolf Radio play more than just the first episodes of all the Earwolf podcasts? Every time I tune in it's the premiere episode of one of the shows and never seems to get to a second one.
  19. Neclord

    Episode 5 — Analyze Fish

    You have crafted the most disturbing image I've ever seen.
  20. Neclord

    Episode 5 — Analyze Fish

    And you can't call it Analyze Phish because the band's name is Fish.
  21. Insane great episode, linking everything back into that first sketch just got funnier and funnier. And why is it so funny when improvisers become characters in the scene("we cut to Lauren's house")? Maybe because it rarely happens.
  22. Neclord

    Jeff Q&A

    Will you be eating any pineapple on the upcoming video podcasts?
  23. Neclord

    Episode 193 — What Else? What Else?

    New No-No: If you release 2-3 more episodes a month, then I get to listen to them.
  24. Neclord

    Episode 41 — Spider-Man 3

    I and many others watched the movie only expecting quality approaching that of Spider-Man 2. We feel it did not deliver.