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    Episode 83 — Crammer or Creamer

    "Did your pelvic floor... rustle?" I lost it at that point.
  2. Reuben_Lowe

    Episode 250 — Podcast Silence

    I will go on record to say that I don't know Pete Holmes, and so I don't hate him, but honestly, whatever it is that he does essentially is like constant nails on a chalkboard for me, to the point that it is actually difficult for me to understand how anyone can enjoy it. It's just that level of annoyance for me. That being said, I respect that people do enjoy his work, so he exists for them, more power to you all. I keep assuming I am missing something and so occasionally will try again with him, to only be annoyed again. I will give the tv show a chance though.
  3. Reuben_Lowe

    Episode 250 — Podcast Silence

    As someone who does not enjoy Pete Holmes, I came here first to figure out whether or not I was going to listen this week. If there are other people who are annoyed by him, what's the verdict? Is it too much Pete Holmes to be enjoyable, or is there enough of The Choctaw and co. to make it through without being aggravated.
  4. Arguments about whether place X is more racist/___ist than place Y are always a waste of time. The answer doesn't matter as both places should not be racist/___ist and certainly it should not be a point of pride to look at some other place's shortcomings and pat ourselves on the back and say at least we are not that. I don't understand how the complaint that people should just be able to say what they want and that words are just words, continues to persist. People can and do say whatever they want, just deal with the consequences of that. What value there is in having the 'freedom' to say any slur available is beyond me, but you are free to say them. They are freely said in youtube comments and on twitter daily. I also don't understand that statement that Andrew Ti is racist against white people. He defends a theory and supports behaviour from a position of privilege that articulates white people are inferior?
  5. Reuben_Lowe

    Episode 17 - Building The Track Pt. 5

    Late as hell to this one, but this track killed it
  6. I dont really think the issue at hand is bullying per se, and I dont think you are a bully, even though that is the word being used. I think the discomfort that some may have in listening to Case Closed is the imbalance of power both in terms of context and intelligence. A smarter person yelling at a less smart person is just often not pleasant, especially when the less smart person starts backpedalling from the get go. A wittier person or persons yelling at a less witty person is often not pleasant. And the guest of a show getting yelled at by the host of show is often not pleasant. That being said, I love the segment, maybe not so much this particular one as I thought the crux of the argument didn't really require indvidually going through all the guy's tweets and the guy was 100% overmatched anyway. I like the segment as being an occasional part of the main show as well. I just would maybe enjoy it more if it was more of an even matchup maybe.
  7. Reuben_Lowe

    Episode 127 — LIVE from Bridgetown 2013

    Yea, I think the live shows need some kind of tweak or a certain kind of guest. I think the Matt and Kim one worked well despite me not having a clue who Matt and Kim even were. Maybe the live shows need that extra energy to translate well as a podcast whereas the more downbeat guests can work in the studio fine. That being said, the Dalek Relaxation Tape that Serafinowicz played damn near killed me.
  8. Thanks Brett. Definitely not accusing anyone of being unprofessional, it was just a matter of there often being a disparity between (at least at this relatively early stage) when the drop-dates actually happen and when maybe the audience expects the drop-date to be. I think if they true expectation is a week+ turnaround then people will be less itchy. That being said, just the feedback here has made a difference.
  9. I dunno. I understand the rationale for the delay I guess, but the level of frustration it brings is pretty high for me. To be honest, initially it made me wonder if people were just fucking up the video or something, so I guess I feel a little better about it knowing its intentional. But the length of the delay and the fact that no real timeline for release seems to be given, does make it all quite frustrating. Some transparency on that might help I think. Also for me, and maybe other iTunes subscribers, the podcasts are going to be downloaded no matter what, so its not an issue of choosing one over the other if that is a consideration.
  10. Reuben_Lowe

    Episode 65 — Computer Strength

    Pretty much what I was going to say.
  11. Uh-huh. Okay. What's up? Shut up.