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  1. Everything you're doing is cool https://soundcloud.com/shane-larue/cool-plugs Thanks!
  2. The first chapter in a new plugbag saga. https://soundcloud.com/shane-larue-618693816/ballad-of-pluggy-pt-1 Wouldn't it be cool to have an ongoing Plugs ballad? Not talking every episode, but just every so often we continue the story of Pluggy. I'm hoping others will hop on board with their own tales of Pluggy. Enjoy! Shanenongman
  3. Short and kinda weird in a sexy way
  4. Latin-influenced Plugs Theme featuring Nick Kroll and Skittles Aukerman https://soundcloud.com/shane-larue-618693816/el-plugs Enjoy! Hey Nong Man
  5. Short and sweet one
  6. short and sweet plugs theme. https://soundcloud.c...-by-shane-larue
  7. The road to hell is paved with Good Humor bars. Eat up, kids!
  8. 15 seconds long. A fresh approach. https://soundcloud.com/shane-larue/plug-from-the-future
  9. ShaneLaRue

    How much wood?

    How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck had two ribs surgically removed in order to fellate himself?
  10. Hope to land this jingle during the hottest part of the show. The plugs! Thanks! Shane LaRue
  11. ShaneLaRue

    Plug Your Sh%t!

    Thank you! To you as well... May our songs be plugged in to the plug section!
  12. Hey all, I posted this a couple days ago then realized it may be way too long for the show. I wanted to submit a shorter version in hopes of increasing its playability. ' HERE: http://soundcloud.com/shanelaruetunes/plug-your-sh-t Thanks so much for doing what you do. All of you. Listening Laugher, Shane LaRue www.shanelarue.com
  13. ShaneLaRue

    Plug Your Sh%t!

    Here's an original theme for the What's up Hot Dog Memorial Plugs section. http://soundcloud.co.../plug-your-shit Hope you enjoy! Your avid listener, Shane LaRue www.shanelarue.com
  14. ShaneLaRue

    Facebook Fallout

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mBM6m4G1pmU Really thankful that Earwolf and Comedy Bang Bang exist. Thanks to all those who keep it going, causing me to burst into laughter at the worst times i.e. as a homeless lady is walking by... Hope you'll give this tune a listen. Pants! (or mustard) Shane LaRue