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  1. Had this idea when Scott and Paul F were talking about beating up Jimmy Pardo for Journey tickets. Idea is to trap Jimmy with a guest based on everything that nauseates him. There are a few things he hates and is especially disgusted by more than usual, poop/farting, most bodily functions actually except jizzing, disgusted by the thought of any kind of raw meat, undercooked meat, meat cooking, oil, grease, sizzling fat, etc. And blood/surgery. More I can't think of right now, I'd ask Matt Belknap for a full list of things that makes Jimmy go nuts. The idea is Jimmy does his usual spot on the show around pard-cast-a-thon (few weeks away.) The guest is some new character, Jimmy plays along, seems normal, etc. But as the episode goes on the guest becomes more and more about everything Jimmy is actually nauseated by. It seems coincidental and gets more and more disgusting. On his show he'd just to shut it down, but here he'll be trapped. Someone like Adomian or Andy Daly could probably get really into it. Could even cook bacon on a little foreman grill in the background, bring in food to the studio to review and reveal it was made with shit as he's eating them. etc. ps. people, please don't send this post to jimmy. if he was caught offguard this show would be gold.
  2. Just went on youtube to look up an actual episode of Leykis 101, skipped an hour into his show - and the first thing I heard him say: "Sometimes you might have to lie to get sex, but then the minute they start getting demanding.. chop em off" AMAZING James kills it. 1:00:26
  3. hi hope it makes you feel something i wonder if this is this art https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/39680/temp/plugtheme.mp3 direct
  4. Heil satan, our one true lord, we humbly offer our bodies as your earthbound vessil in return for the continuing glow of your fire's guidance to hell.