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  1. choochoo_the_wonder_slut

    submit youtube clips for improv4humans

    This is a good one. Husband and wife addicted to coffee enemas.
  2. choochoo_the_wonder_slut

    End of Days (1999)

    I would dig this, especially if they could get Kevin Pollak to come in as the guest. When I watch this movie it seems to me he played the same exact character in this one as his Todd Hockney character from The Usual Suspects (except this time he's a cop).
  3. choochoo_the_wonder_slut

    Episode 74 — We R Michelle Shocked

    Michelle is auditioning for the Klu Man Group.
  4. choochoo_the_wonder_slut

    Al Pacino as Phil Spector

    HBO this coming Sunday. Can you hear the lols?
  5. choochoo_the_wonder_slut

    Episode 74 — We R Michelle Shocked

    None of us could have predicted that level of crazy from a former Mormon born-again sexually confused punk rock/folk artist who spent time in a mental institution as a teenager before living as a squatter in abandoned San Francisco factories. None of us.
  6. choochoo_the_wonder_slut

    InAPPropriate Comedy (2013)

    That's how you crap Hollywood gold.
  7. choochoo_the_wonder_slut

    Sleepwalkers (1992)

    Actually this one wasn't pulled from any of his published work. I think most of the budget for this one went to the making of fake cats. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pEGJFDxxiys
  8. choochoo_the_wonder_slut

    Episode 74 — We R Michelle Shocked

    Please send Eric and his shitty tape recorder to Mississippi
  9. choochoo_the_wonder_slut

    Episode 18 — Finish The Fight!

    Mr. Sark, you should really just do whatever tickles your pickle. You guys can't be not funny and most of us don't know shit about D&D anyway. I say go for it.
  10. choochoo_the_wonder_slut

    Cant' Stream Podcasts

    Same thing here I think. In my case the player appears, I can click the play button and it turns into the pause button, but it never actually begins streaming. The total time of the episode still shows on the right side of the bar as well. I'm using the most recent Mozilla browser.
  11. choochoo_the_wonder_slut

    Episode 18 — Finish The Fight!

    They're so off the rails at this point that Gerry could come back as the smoke monster from Lost.
  12. choochoo_the_wonder_slut

    Episode 18 — Finish The Fight!

  13. choochoo_the_wonder_slut

    Episode 18 — Finish The Fight!

    If they walk around in wet underwear for a few months it's really gonna chafe their dongs.
  14. choochoo_the_wonder_slut

    Questions for Sark

  15. choochoo_the_wonder_slut

    Phil Spector starring Al Pacino

    I watched it with high hopes of buffoonery but it was instead an incredibly dull slog featuring a mostly reserved Pacino.
  16. choochoo_the_wonder_slut

    submit youtube clips for improv4humans

    He's talkin' about practice
  17. choochoo_the_wonder_slut

    Nerd Poker Forum Soundtrack

    10 hours of elevator music for the last few "lift" episodes? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S5PvBzDlZGs
  18. choochoo_the_wonder_slut

    Episode 58.5 - Minisode 58.5

    Eight-balls, quarter-ounces, half a pound... Lindsay Lohan will school Paul on some motherfuckin' fractions. -edit Shariq cockblocked my joke!
  19. choochoo_the_wonder_slut

    Sleepwalkers (1992)

    Also this happens
  20. choochoo_the_wonder_slut

    InAPPropriate Comedy (2013)

    Plus he stole $40 from that hooker who tried to bite his lip off. Shit adds up.
  21. choochoo_the_wonder_slut

    InAPPropriate Comedy (2013)

    I thought he was convincingly badass in Predators. Kinda hope they do a sequel honestly. So is it really this easy to get a movie made? There are funny people on these forums, let's crank out some scripts.
  22. choochoo_the_wonder_slut

    InAPPropriate Comedy (2013)

    No hate from me, I just think his career arc is a depressing topic. Seeing Brody in that trailer made me think of CGJ.
  23. Something like this with Earwolf hosts and guest characters http://www.emogame.com/
  24. choochoo_the_wonder_slut

    InAPPropriate Comedy (2013)

    That trailer is one Cuba Gooding Jr. cameo away from the most depressing thing ever.
  25. choochoo_the_wonder_slut

    Jeff Q&A

    Howdy Jeff. Not a question per se but a thank you for giving the world Earwolf. You guys have almost totally replaced tv in my life. Unfortunately, modern technology does not yet allow us to hear nudity. I would also thank Scott Aukerman however he has never once selected a catchphrase submission of mine for CBB. Up yours, Scott! So I'll thank Paul F. Tompkins for his many CBB appearances instead. Thanks Paul.