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  1. Uh huh. And I suppose you conveniently also happen to have two additional roommates that registered the two other accounts associated with your IP address?


    Actually three other roommates! Post-grads tend to be poor and huddle together. But I'm sure you could also be right, and I'm a sociopath who made a fake account just for two posts, with a master plan to cover my tracks by starting this account a year ago and posting over 500 times as a rabid fan to throw you off my scent, all while being Manti Teo's girlfriend. Now reply that I'm lying or just delete my account... either way I'm good with it.

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  2. RIP Spirit Bear, I find it totally unsurprising that you support Astartes' earlier comments, because both you and Astartes have been posting from the same IP address, in some cases only minutes apart. Would you care to explain this?


    Congrats on uncovering the horrible secret that I have a roommate, supersleuth! Do you hack for Anonymous?

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  3. Now that the napalm has somewhat evaporated, I'll say that Astartes' post really doesn't read that offensively to me. I read it as "unsolicited opinions aren't hard to find in today's divided world, but great improv comedy podcasts are, and that's what he listens to I4H for". I can understand that angle... it IS hard to go into a bar, or get a haircut, or watch network news, or even have a spontaneous conversation without being subjected to someone's unsolicited opinion nowadays (usually political). And after awhile it can get tiring even if you completely agree with the person, because the modern public is getting force-fed opinions like never before through multitudes of new and constant media. If Astartes had just said something like he doesn't watch Rachel Maddow for her 15 minute improv set, it probably would have went over better. In the modern world, sometimes people assume the tone in their heads automatically carries over into the text they type. It does not. There is no inflection button on keyboards.


    On the other hand... Matt did ironically go batshit insane on the guy on the day his chat with the Ethicist about civilized debate dropped. Which I found pretty hilarious in itself. In rough order, he told the poster to grow up, somewhat let all of us know that the Earwolf hosts think the forums are a bag full of dicks, somewhat politely told everyone to stop giving unsolicited opinions on Case Closed (irony?), leveled a half-hearted autism accusation, and then retired. In my opinion Matt came off worse for wear in the exchange. And the majority here flocked to his defense, which is also interesting.


    But Matt Besser is a good guy, and a great comedian, the host of an amazing show, a guy who isn't afraid to speak up to right a wrong, and a human. Every human has crazy moments. I once bitchslapped a nun (I was 12 and she had it coming for years). So I forgive Matt Besser for going a little nuts, but I also choose to give Astartes the benefit of the doubt for not knowing how to properly convey thoughts with the written word.


    Now, suck my anus, please.

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  4. I also plan on running a Star Wars rpg this summer if I have the time.


    This is embarrassing but I think it moved a little when I read this. God, I'm a dork.

  5. http://fyi.earwolf.com/movie/12692


    I have stumbled upon what might be the best Cage HDTGM vehicle yet (that I somehow have never, ever heard of).




    Cage as an escaped/released boob convict sent to fake a hostage taking of a black activist writer after the local police surround the black activist's writer nice new house because they are racists who assume he is just a black burglar.


    Comedy gold that apparently includes several blackface jokes, stereotypical Jewish personas, an island of wealthy WASPS, random gospel music, and Gus Fring.



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  6. I always thought that Bart was pretty identifiable as the Cowardly Lion of the group. His crying from around the corner when they found Sparklett's box is a classic NP:D&DwBP&F moment for me.


    Have you ever listened to the Critical Hit podcast, out of curiosity? I mostly like that one.

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  7. Here's the scene that introduces Michael Shannon:


    MS - "Hey I need that envelope back."


    JGL - "I can't do that."


    MS - "Do you have any loved ones that will miss you if I murder you? Because I'm going to murder you."