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  1. __kevin

    Episode 300 - Princemat

    Aaaaaand here is da video:
  2. __kevin

    Episode 299 - Nail Talk

    Great now i have a crush on angela trimbur
  3. __kevin

    Episode 224 - Cheeseball

    Gembie dropping some LBs, lookin good.
  4. __kevin

    Episode 269 - Friend Ships

    Being flush with Scripps money keeps making me wonder why the station continues to 'need' donations... Anyway, glad Stard got some time in the spotlight today!
  5. __kevin

    Episode 210.5 β€” 12/12/14 TWO CHARTED 149

    I've really been wondering how long before we start hearing about environmental crap on the rise in the Himilays? I think they get those weird glowing salt lights you can buy for your apartment.
  6. __kevin

    Episode 210 β€” Artisanal Podcasting

    Thank you! Thank you for bleeping out the spoilers! I haven't seen Interstellar yet, but I'm with Matt, I want to know how the trash compactor works! One of my favorite things about Science Fiction is also the seed of my biggest qualm with the genre in film: details. Kim Stanley Robinson's Mars Trilogy is rad because of all the detail it goes into. Admittedly the politics garbage wore me out, but the science is amazing! In film, it seems, concepts are dumbed down and action is amped up to make the movie more like the Panda Express of Sci Fi: sure it tastes good and is cheap, but the nutrients aren't there and you just shit your pants later. I'm excited to see the movie!
  7. __kevin

    Episode 209 β€” China Adjacent Apartments

    He's talking about 'Super Greens' which is a branded mix of greens by Organic Girl. Comes in a clamshell container. I think it's just kale and spinach and other stuff. Who Charted? cookbook?
  8. __kevin

    Episode 205.5 β€” 11/07/14 TWO CHARTED 144

    OK guys, I need this salad recipe...
  9. __kevin

    Episode 204 β€” High & Mighty For Smarties

    FYI, in case you hadn't heard it before, they accidentally talked over the best part of Werewolf Bar Mitzvah: "Werewolf Bar Mitzvah, spoo-ky sca-ry, boys becoming men, men becoming wolves"
  10. __kevin

    Episode 201 β€” What’s Your Hub?

    Howard's 'Google Glass' comment almost flies under the radar, but it's hilarious. Around 27:30.
  11. __kevin

    Episode 199.5 β€” 9/26/14 TWO CHARTED 138

    Howard - Someone already wrote a song about bear-envy: [media=''] [/media] Remix?
  12. __kevin

    Episode 184.5 β€” 6/13/14 TWO CHARTED 123

    100% with Howard on this song, good beat for the heat. It's got that like block party, hot sweaty summer feel; it's gonna access that passion in the bedroom. On board for this one, maybe not a good starter song but like, third on the playlist it could really step the mood up.
  13. Seriously guys, what is with the mouse click noises in the background of this podcast? It is ridiculous. I love the show but I already have to listen to my co-worker mash his keyboard like he is somehow inflecting ASCII.
  14. __kevin

    Episode 181.5 β€” 5/23/14 TWO CHARTED 120

    Armen - Stop shitting on yourself so much. I really liked your music chart and you started talking about the Beach Boys and I was right with you, 100%, and then you said "I hate how I sound" right when I was thinking "He's kinda killing it right now". So, keep it up, be a little more confident in your opinions!
  15. __kevin

    Episode 179.5 β€” 5/9/14 TWO CHARTED 118

    I think Armen is doing a great job. He isn't Howard but I wouldn't want him to be. He has had some good jokes and off-the-wall comments and gotten those good Ku reaction laughs just like we all want. I'm about 26 minutes in, and it's definitely getting a little mired in self-pity. HOWEVER, having recently gone through the same shit in my life I can relate and that kind of existential shit tends to work it's way into all your thoughts/conversations. Hang in there Armen. Other people feel the same way you do about life, I can totally relate in maybe an eerie amount of ways.