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    The Super Secret Forum... Sshh.

    Guys, I'm really loving this new secret forum. I feel like I can finally just be myself here. Anyway I was wondering if any of you had any government secrets to share. I love government conspiracies. Sometimes I just spend all night going down one of my patented Roosterbrains-rabbit-holes, reading about all the latest conspiracies and such. I don't know about you, but I really think the government is hiding from us, I really do. So if you have any big juicy ones, share them here.
  2. Roosterbrains

    The Super Secret Forum... Sshh.

    All right, which engineer was it?
  3. Roosterbrains

    The Super Secret Forum... Sshh.

    Can I tell my friend George Clooney? He's been trying to get in here for a while now.
  4. Roosterbrains

    Sexy Frankingstein?

    Well sex is like big hug from mom cause it's warm, it feel good, and you know it's right cause she a nice lady. To answer the second question: Just ask them for it!
  5. Roosterbrains

    Sexy Frankingstein?

    Oh you'd know. TRUST ME.