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  1. CVUnderbite

    Episode 72 — Expectations/Tig Update

    Wooohooo! Tig is in tit-top shape! But.... what am I gunna do with all these truck-loads of stolen Tig wigs? I chloroformed 7 truck drivers for these...
  2. CVUnderbite

    Episode 64 — Tig's Cancer Diagnosis/Autism

    The reason Tig is surrounded by amazing people is because Tis is an amazing person. Tig has been receiving all the love lately but we love Kyle, David, and Aaron too! Don't forget that! I'll be sure to draw more Professor Blastoff blast-stuff soon! You'll always be my #1 podcast! =D!
  3. CVUnderbite

    Episode 56 — Twins

    Thank you so much for sharing your story, Sir. Huntsberger. I am now haunting my computer because I died of laughter. You all have V.I.P. seats to my funeral.
  4. CVUnderbite

    Episode 52 — Tig is Back!

    The weeks without Tig have left a giant hole in my heart. With her back, I feel like I can continue living with purpose. Welcome back Tig.