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  1. Two wrongs may not make a right, but two eggs sure do make one delicious frittata!
  2. If you have time to Lean, then I recommend starting with The Bridge Over the River Kwai.
  3. Don’t Blame Me. I voted for Kim Jong-un.
  4. This isn’t the America I know. The America I know wears a red leather jacket, dances on light-up tiles, has a monkey named Bubbles.
  5. Considered the worst Bollywood film in recent years. A "remake" of The Time Machine set in Mumbai. Here's the trailer (keep an eye out for the lightsaber):
  6. All weather is sweater weather if you like to exist in a constant state of discomfort.
  7. I don’t know what laurels are. But if they’re anything like the massage chairs at Brookstone, I will rest on them until the manager asks me to leave.
  8. rob_m

    Episode 396 - The Intern Challenge

    2016 Resolution: A Gabe Kaplan reference every episode.
  9. rob_m

    Episode 394 - Wisconsin Sugar Babies

    Breaking down the bandleader odds: 50:1 - Kevin Eubanks 25:1 - Kevin Rudolf 12:1 - James Taylor 8:1 - Dan Deacon 4:1 - Open Mike Eagle 1:1 - Regina Crimp
  10. If you think God never gives you more than you can handle, then clearly you've never watched Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs.
  11. I don’t respond well to threats, but I do to baby shower evites!
  12. rob_m

    Best of 2015 Pt. 4

    Great year for CBB! People I hope we see more of in 2016: Thomas Middleditch, Bobby Moynihan, Claudia O'Doherty, John Gemberling, Fran Gillespie, Adam Pally, Mike O'Brien, Zach Woods... How has Ron Funches never been on the show?
  13. rob_m

    EPISODE 374 — Tick Tock Clawk

    Great ep! Fran Gillespie needs to be on the show more often.
  14. Also, if you can't put out a t-shirt with Bono's drawing, can we get one the says "It doesn't exist!"?
  15. Only thing that could have made this interview better was an ep of "What's your fuck-style?"
  16. Too tempting not to make a list: - Ep #356 - Heynong Man (Jason Mantzoukas, Paul F. Tompkins) - Ep #355 - Kid Detectives (Lauren Lapkus, Thomas Middleditch) - Ep #351 - CBB: The Movie (Sean Clements, Hayes Davenport, Ben Rodgers & Hayley Huntley) - Ep #349 - The 6th Anniversary Show! (Paul F. Tompkins, Lauren Lapkus, Thomas Middleditch, Neil Campbell, Mike Hanford, Joe Wengert, Paul Scheer & Erin Whitehead) - Ep #342 - A Silicon Valley P-Cast (Thomas Middleditch, Kumail Nanjiani, Martin Starr & Paul F. Tompkins) - Ep #341 - Banging the Table with Stars (Stars, Claudia O'Doherty & Neil Campbell) - Ep #338 - Be My Guest, Literally! (Michael Ableson, Paul F. Tompkins, Lauren Lapkus & Andy Daly) - Ep #336 - NOT Farts and Procreation 4 (Harris Wittels, Chelsea Peretti & Adam Scott) - Ep #335 - The Wedding of Gilli and Garry (Colin Hay, Gillian Jacobs & Paul F. Tompkins) - Ep #326 - 2014 Holiday Spectacular (Aimee Mann, Ted Leo, Paul F. Tompkins, Brendon Small, James Adomian, Lauren Lapkus, Matt Besser, & Neil Campbell) And I'd vote Kid Detectives over Heynong Man for episode of the year (thus far).
  17. rob_m

    EPISODE 217 — Goodbye

    Dreading listening to this episode.
  18. I don’t believe in beating a dead horse, only shaving it for my wig collection.
  19. rob_m

    EPISODE 363 — Wet Hot Crew

    Meester Wain
  20. Two wrongs may not make a right, but two eggs sure do make one delicious frittata!
  21. People in stone houses shouldn't throw glass. I gave you that punch bowl as a gift, Phillip.
  22. Bravo, Paul F. Tompkins. Bravo.
  23. David Axelrod? What happened to the wheels?
  24. I play for keeps. Sometimes for crêpes. Occasionally for canapés. But mostly for keeps.