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  1. Is it more humane to fuck a pig or eat bacon? Think about it.
  2. There should be a case closed segment with Shariq. It's getting kinda silly in here, but I think we can all agree that the YITR segment was pretty terrible.
  3. I came here to post this video. Oh my god
  4. From the person who brought you the blind shit fetish guy: Foot fetish man explores shoe! You can stop it about three minutes in. http://youtu.be/DxBT9ycQ4L0
  5. dnigh

    Episode 110 — Single Guy Vibe

    Irish car bong. I just thought of that.
  6. dnigh


    ...because you can't dance at work unless you do that for a living! Dj-Dnigh https://soundcloud.c...h-1/plugs-theme
  7. dnigh

    Episode 104 — Hardwickipedia

    Yo Howard! Your missing a key demographic in Santa Barbara of rich hippies. There are a lot of them here. I would like it if you came to SB. I would get a few good people to come. I'm not sure what venue you would go to, but I recommend SOHO.
  8. It's just a fun thing...
  9. I love how awkward this kid is http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rai9SiBRv50&feature=my_liked_videos&list=LLXgEllp-Awsf8WpGr0TbUiQ
  10. Shorter version http://soundcloud.com/dnigh-1/reggie-watts-cover-band
  11. http://soundcloud.co...over-band-plugs Sound quality isn't the best, but the song has a lot of heart. The band (The Reggie Watts Experience) formed for this one song and disbanded right after.