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    Episode 192 — Best of 2012 Pt 1

    While the Saul Goodman interview was good, what really made the episode work for me was the chemistry between Scott, Jason and Alison. The hilarious sketch they did with Rizzoli, Isles and Chief Queef made me laugh so hard. Also, this episode had the best game of WYR of all time IMO. Jason's constant criticism of Scott's pickle leg premise, as well as his well crafted TMZ improvisation and his obliviousness to Alison's desires for him to eat her pussy. All I'm saying is pound for pound this episode had the most laughs for me this season. I pretty much laughed from start to finish. Time Bobby is a very close second.
  2. Psychotron7x2

    Episode 192 — Best of 2012 Pt 1

    Pretty solid list so far. Not all of them were my personal favourites but they were solid episodes EXCEPT that awful Best Bro Hang episode. Can some of the voters of this episode step forward and explain to the rest of us how that episode was worthy of being on the list. Adam Pally was so horribly unprofessional this episode which made it very tough to listen to at certain points. Plus all the conversations were about Samberg's career which, while interesting, was hardly amusing. Either people are trolling or you guys REALLY like Andy Samberg to vote that turd into the top 10. Fingers crossed that Apicklelypse makes it in the top 5, but probably won't
  3. Psychotron7x2

    Is there any (legal) way to watch CBB-TV online in Canada

    Will probably end up on the Comedy Network eventually. Give it time.
  4. Psychotron7x2

    Episode 162 — Best Bro Hang

    Hmm... It was a little off. Seemed like Andy was taking a few light-hearted jabs at Adam (or maybe they were genuine since he used to work with Casey Wilson on SNL and are probably friends) and Adam fought back a little too hard. Scott seemed genuinely annoyed with his Little Nicky comment and told him straight up its cowardly to bash someone and act like it was the voice of the character they were playing. On the other hand the show seemed to be VERY focused on Andy and his career throughout the entire thing. Most episodes when the character comes in that means they stop talking about the guest and start riffing with the character. In this one they went back to keep plugging That's My Boy, talked about him leaving SNL, talked about the MTV movie awards when Andy hosted and didn't give Adam anything to work with or even an opening to interject. I could see why he would be annoyed, if he was.
  5. Psychotron7x2

    Episode 159 — Apicklelypse

    Alison: And I would like to ask you what you're doing after this. Jason: Just eating pussy, I think. Alison: So cool... we'll just... Jason: You wanna go find a girl? Hilarious. I was Rizzoling in the Isles