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    Episode 31 — Jazz

    I first listened to Topics a week ago after hearing an advertisement for it on Professor Blastoff. When I finished the first episode I wasn't sure how many more I could endure, but it had enough hook to keep me listening. At this point I've listened to all of the episodes and am eagerly awaiting the next. So many belly laughs. I'm more than impressed with your extensive knowledge of Moonshine O'Shea considering Google has no record of his existence. This podcast makes me think. It takes my brain off autopilot...makes me want to research things and it's hilarious. Thanks Topics!
  2. echoic

    Episode 53 — Self-Esteem

    I don't know which size Professor Blastoff t-shirt to buy because there is no sizing chart!!11! If I don't get the right size shirt I won't look cool and nobody will like me and my girlfriend will cheat on me and I'll lose my job HALP