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    Episode 216 — Top of the Schaal To You!

    I say if a CBB regular wants to launch a new character on the show, we ought to be able to go to their house late at night and change the channels on all the TV's to the USA Network, where characters are welcome. New no no!
  2. klemjohansen

    Episode 61 — Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot

    If you watch Cop Land carefully, you'll see that there's a clear through-line between the two films. Stallone is essentially playing the same character a few decades of mother-love have beaten him into a simpering wreck. Sometimes I watch Cop Land first in a kind of Star Wars-ish old trillogy/new trillogy thing. By the time you get to the end of Stop or My Mom Will Shoot, you really feel for the guy. I'd be lying if I said I didn't cry a little- which was a huge breakthrough according to this movie. I'm actually surprised that people can watch Cop Land without having seen the other film and still make sense of it. If you can do it, good for you. But I definitely recommend them as a double feature.
  3. klemjohansen

    Episode 78 — The A Crew

    For the record, WordPress is great if you don't mind getting your hands dirty writing your own plugins.
  4. klemjohansen

    Episode 215 — Time Bobby 2

    The Butter Cream effect is almost exactly like the butterfly effect except that it only applies to dairy products.
  5. What's sound & motion and why is it bad? Edit: I figured it out after some Googling. Apparently, it's a form of improv when people play random tracks from David Bowie's Greatest Hits and create scenes from the lyrics. It seems really limiting, so I see why Matt doesn't like it.
  6. klemjohansen

    Episode 21 — Take The Lord's Crown!

    ebn ozn namecheck. Nice. She let me keep on my cowboy boots and everything...she was allright.
  7. klemjohansen

    Episode 3 — Toilet Wine

    A hypothetical TJ presidency would be amazing- and last no more than 15 minutes... January 21, 2017 "I saw a button and a pushed it," said President TJ by way of explanation for the sudden, unprovoked thermonuclear disaster that has befallen most of the northern hemisphere. "I heard North Korea wants to step to us, and I was like 'nu-huh.' America got hort. HORT!" For more than an hour, reporters continued pressing for a rationale behind his first and only decision as Commander in Chief that resulted, as we are all now only too aware, this hell-scape in which the irradiated survivors very much envy the dead. "I gotta do what I gotta do, you know what I'm saying?" TJ told reporters during an impromptu press conference in front of his lot on a Kissimmee, FL trailer park. For a moment it seemed that the former darling of the Fox News political machine was about to express genuine remorse as he appeared to be on the verge of tears. "OK, for real now. I just want to tell the American people that I'm sorry. I'm real sorry that I'm not President anymore, dog. So, now I got to go back to my job at Bo Jangles and get my shit right."
  8. I won't link to any of the Dino videos I found. So much synth bass and this dude with unfortunate 80's hair dancing around waiting for the song to start. I couldn't even get through to the hook.
  9. klemjohansen

    Episode 59 — Spice World

    The elements of Spiceworld are so nonsensical yet weirdly specific that I'm fairly sure you could do a really good Room 237 treatment of the film. Also, we all know the title is a reference to the group's love of Frank Herbert's writing. It's through the Spicegirls that I set my mind in motion...
  10. klemjohansen

    Episode 20 — Looking Through Cosmos

    My favorite since the PanCast. Daley and Copeland were yes-anding all over the damn place.
  11. klemjohansen

    Episode 19 — Play This Backwards

    I was a little disappointed he didn't start shouting Christian rock lyrics.
  12. I'm a dude, and I'm pretty gross. I know of some gross ladies, too, but they all seem to have their own reality shows now.
  13. klemjohansen

    Episode 72 — Blue Cash

    Everybody's already aware of this, but Besser's dad sounds like he was an amazing guy.
  14. klemjohansen

    Episode 57.5 — Minisode 57.5

    It would be fairly simple to build a form that pushed the movie titles to a mysql table. Use the existing titles as select box options with an "other" where they can type in their own. Use JQuery to show/hide a text input box. You'll need 2 tables, one of the titles labels & id's and another for the votes. That way you can run live stats on each. The simpler solution would be to just install a polling plug-in for WordPress and be done in 15 minutes but that's a weenie way out. Write your own PHP. It'll put hair on your chest. Then shave it off because you're not Carmine Ragoosa.
  15. Springtime for Hitler und Germany. I kept humming that to myself during that interview segment. Fascinating stuff. I happen to think that it's all a Kauffman-like double-edged prank, and he'll never admit that to anyone.
  16. I love the thought of a decades-long rivalry between Yanni and Tesh (ala Kirk/Spock or Edison/Tesla) - dozens of incidents that cause one or the other to fly into a rage and scream at the sky. "YANNI!" "TESH!" Dramatic fisticuffs over whose new age compositions are newer and agier, sending each other human feces via registered post, and even talking trash about the other one during concerts: Tesh: "I'm Yanni. I'm a big dumb idiot who smells like yogurt and cheap cologne." Yanni (pointing to the back of the auditorium): "Hey, look everybody! It's bigfoot! No ha ha it's talentless Marfan-syndrome-sufferer John Tesh!" It turns out that it all stems from a love triangle 20 years ago involving Enya- a triangle of which the gaelic warbler was completely unaware. YANNI! TESH!
  17. klemjohansen

    Episode 101 — Identifying With Porn

    During the discussion of adult films from Japan, etc. it made me wonder if people get upset about outsourced porn the way they do with buying a foreign-made car. They're stealing American (blow)jobs! Your crusty old dad catches you masturbating and isn't upset about what you're doing- he's mad that you're watching Japanese porn. "Hey, spank American!"
  18. klemjohansen

    Episode 15 — As The Dust Settles

    I loved Sark's subtle House of Cards reference.
  19. "It seemed legal at the time" is my first go-to phrase the next time I happen to find myself in a late night conversation with a police officer.
  20. klemjohansen

    Episode 56 — Nothing But Trouble

    Guys. Guys. Guys. Guys. I don't think it's poor directing or screenwriting that led to the main characters basically ignoring the Brazilian couple (or brother/sister). I think this movie Tyler Durdened all of us. Demi Moore acts like they're not even there - because they aren't. In that sense, the Brazilian couple was originally written to represent the cocaine Chevy ingested before the cameras began rolling. That's why they're always trying to get him to make bonkers decisions- taking weird back roads, running from the cops, etc. If you watch the movie again (which I do NOT recommend), it's possible to imagine all of Demi Moore's interactions with Tyler Negron as add-ons after the script was finalized. [explosion sound] That's right. Your mind is blown now.
  21. klemjohansen

    Episode 201 — End Scene

    I called the Pope to help me move and he never got back to me. I think he quit just so he could sneak out of the obligation. Bastard.
  22. klemjohansen

    Episode 6 — Analyze Fish Pt. 2

    The Fish that Saved Pittsburgh: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0079154/
  23. klemjohansen

    Episode 85 — High School Mascot

    Love the show. Not thrilled about this week's guests.
  24. klemjohansen

    Episode 200 — Halfway To China

    Old Man Saucerman sounds awesome. Tying fishing flies is insanely hard- no wonder he lost his mind.