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  1. klemjohansen

    Episode — Love, Dad

    Here's one my daughter I made up that she used to tell in kindergarden: Q: What do you call a breakfast that burps? A: A belchin' waffle. Classic joke structure- check. Reference to a body function- check. Sassy Palinesque gerund-rounding- check. She told it so well we used to call her Li'l Shecky.
  2. klemjohansen

    Episode 88 — Tooth Talk

    Richard Ayoade is amazingly funny on the IT Crowd, Time Trumpet, and the Mighty Boosh. IT Crowd is on Netflix Instant. It's written by Graham Linehan - @Glinner
  3. klemjohansen

    Episode 38 — Star Power

    I could listen to a whole hour of Lenon's kid character. I like to think she has an elaborate back-story where she imagines herself as a young Jackie O, which explains her accent. She constantly wears a tiny pillbox hat covered in globs of paste and may or may not have some animal skeletons in a shoe box in her closet.
  4. klemjohansen

    Episode 86.5 — 7/27/2012 TWO CHARTED 25

    Today's ep was deeeeep. I guess I'm weird because I happen to genuinely love what I do for a living so I'm fairly sure that when I finally expire at the age of 126 my dying breath will be "I wish I had spent more time at the office."
  5. klemjohansen

    Episode 103 — Monkey Trumpet

    Never heard of Back on Topps. Thrilled and shamed at the same time.
  6. klemjohansen

    Episode 96 — Hotzi

    For real I would play the hades out of a polytheistic fantasy league. My only question is which gods qualify- I'm scouting and Rob McKenna rain god and Eric Claption.
  7. klemjohansen

    Episode 77 — Plant-Based Dick

    Pete is one of those guys who really grew on me. Now I can't get enough. And by "can't get enough" I mean that I cannot stop rubbing dead birds on my nethers.