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  1. Reading through these scholarship essays, you really get an appreciation for the boundless human capacity for self-congratulation.

  2. So, it's not surprising that @MittRomney thinks bad weather cost him the election- coming from a guy who believes in supply side economics

  3. New TNT series about Times Square junkies turned lawyers: Ratso Rizzoli & Isles. Can't wait.

  4. It's wrong of me to assume that Southerners are dumb because their accents make them sound so very dumb. Sometimes sexy but usually dumb.

  5. Am I a bad person for not being laid low by Sunday's #gameofthrones? I just kept saying "Arya's gonna kill ALL them muthafuckas!" over&over

  6. How much will social media affect the culture? In 50 years the official presidential portrait will be a penis selfie.

  7. 10 times out of 10, when someone says "do the right thing" they have a clear definition of what that is: something they don't plan on doing.

  8. Doctor 11 is way too young. He looks like he's still in Time Lord grad school. Doc 12 should look like he has tenure. #drwho

  9. Is there an old-school Dr. Who tour in England where they take you to the quarry that stood in for EVERY FRIGGIN PLANET IN THE UNIVERSE?

  10. So sad to hear of Gene Stapleton's passing. I'm going to mourn in my underground shelter built specifically for this, my "Edith" bunker.

  11. I feel like when you start a statement with "I feel like," you're about to say something harsh without taking responsibility for it.

  12. Plans for the weekend? Cramming for the Myers Briggs

  13. When FNC's Erick Erickson says "feminists" he seems to actually mean "women." A neat trick to hide his secret: he resents 1/2 the population

  14. Chicago Sun-Times fires staff photogs in favor if "iPhotojournalism." In 2 months, half of all stories will center around penis pictures

  15. Michele Bachmann won't run in 2014 so she can carpetbag in a new state- the Moon's 8th District, Sea of Tranquility

  16. Glen Beck complains that the media has labelled him a "conspiracy theorist," suggesting that the Trilateral Commission may be behind it all

  17. ISS and Soyuz gettin sexay in the sky. Live docking nsfw. Turn the lights down low! #nasa

  18. GOP think tank finally has winning strategy for 2014 midterms: change all the calendars to 1913.

  19. People say American manufacturing is dead, but just watch Fox News where they manufacture controversy every day. #usa

  20. Buster's episode is the best of the new batch #motherman

  21. So nice to see that the French can be, in certain circumstances, even more bigoted than we are. Thanks for cheering me up, France.

  22. Arrested Development - since Showstealer Pro doesn't seem to exist, it's clear that the watermark is a joke. Relax, nerds.

  23. Weather weapon. Nice. At what point to semi-reasonable people laugh Alex Jones out of the zeitgeist? It's starting to reflect on all of us.

  24. The new XBox is 359 less of something than the existing model, but I don't know what.

  25. Toronto, your mayor smoking crack isn't the problem. It's just 20 years too late & furthers idea that Canada lags behind. Next time: meth.