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  1. Can we also talk about how totally unimpressive that laser gun is? I mean, all three Star Wars movies had already come out by this point, which had nice, thick blaster shots. Hell, even the phasers from the original Star Trek are more impressive than this shitty laser pointer.


    It's basically laser mace. I think it has a whistle attached to it and comes with a fanny pack.

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  2. So, the robot with the revolver at the beginning has been brought up a few times (both in the forums and in the ep), but I want to bring something up that I mentioned in the minisode thread again. When Ramsay first goes into the bedroom, the door to the bathroom (where the robot is kickin' it) is closed. The door opening is what makes him drop to the floor right before the robot shoots.


    So, that means that not only does that clunky-ass claw have enough dexterity to hold and operate a firearm, it can also open a goddamn door and fire half a second later!


    Even if the door was closed the whole time, Ramsay (RAMSAY!) had to know the robot would shoot through the bathroom door. Classic reverse-Pistorius, bro.


    Also, Kirstie Alley's "get a load of this shit!" expression in that photo is fucking priceless.

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  3. One thing that bugs me in the show, and I think Paul mentions it happening in this film; they have robots acting as slaves for the most part, but it doesn't seem very cost effective.



    Completely agree. At the time this movie was made, American manufacturing was earning a terrible reputation. We made shitty, shitty cars in 1984. It seems reasonable to conclude that the robots we make would be just as bad. All the same, when you ask somebody "why all these robots when they are 1) terrible 2) expensive and 3 require constant attention?" they shrug and say "because it's the future, silly. I suppose you're going to say that we shouldn't have flying cars just because nearly all of them fall out of the sky and kill people?"

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  4. Construction foreman lady: "Our insurance doesn't cover turning off the robots" - huh?


    Your home is ransacked and you don't check for the kid? Instead, you go right to the domestic robot? Priorities, Jack!



    Acid in your face does not harm your mustache?




    I appreciate that this movie follows the strict rule stating that if you're a bad guy who makes a bad thing that hurts people, the only appropriate way for you to die is by the hand of the bad thing you made.



    Gene Simmons on the clean room is like Willy Wanka in the Wankavision room. Maybe it's an homage.


    Half way through the movie you can hear someone announce on the PA system: "... tickets are available for the fifth annual costume ball." For some reason that cracked me up.



    Fucking GoPro gun!


    Conclusion: Blade Runner - Max Headroom = Runaway

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  5. I'll ask my question again from the other thread: How did the bad robot from the beginning get the gun in his hand with ONLY ONE HAND?



    Also: it seems like this movie is like Bizarro Robocop because the roles are completely reversed- humans are the cops keeping misbehaving robots in line rather than the opposite. In essence, I like the idea and I think June is 100% right that the movie is littered with missed opportunities for comedy. So, here's my pitch: the AI for a relatively harmless prank-bot has leaked into a fleet of networked robots working in the fields of domestic service, construction, and agriculture.Instead of doing their assigned jobs, they go rogue in true 80's comedy style: playing loud blip-rock music, tricking women into exposing their breasts, and drinking beer (they design and build make-shift bio-processors that turn beer into battery-charging fuel). Unfortunately, the robots don't know when to quit and their jokes are becoming so dangerous that the police get involved. Jack Ramsay is the only human on the force of robots slowly becoming infected with the prank-bot virus.


    Meanwhile Dr. Luther, the creator of the original prank-bot leers at him through windows and laughs. In the end, Jack has to climb up Luther's giant computer tower to deactivate the malfunctioning party-bots, but his fear of heights won't allow him. Big reveal: Jack is a humanoid robot and the vertigo is at the root level of his programming to keep him from voiding his warranty. With this knowledge, he succumbs to the prank-bot virus and joins the party.


    Bigger reveal: Luther's company is SkyNet and the movie had really been a Terminator pre-prequel all along.

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  6. Stuff this movie gets right about the future:

    - The exact form factor of the iPad mini & kindle fire

    - Go pro gun (explanationhope)

    - In the future, robots will tell us shit we already know (e.g. "there is a fire")


    Stuff this movie gets right about the 80's:

    - Lady police officers must wear heels for some reason

    - "I don't like heights" is movie talk for "pretty soon I'm going to have to confront my fear of heights."

    - Sexism is rampant even for lady robots (Jack seems to think LOIS doesn't know her place)

    - Jackie's fuck-off huge belt buckle



    - How did the bad robot from the beginning get the gun in his hand with ONLY ONE HAND?

    - Was the son's part written for a much younger actor but the kid couldn't read it all so they handed the part off to his older brother?

    - When the computer says that Dave enjoys watersports, does it mean watersports or "watersports?"

    - Why do most of the bots look like Doctor Who's K-9?

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  7. Something else that blew my mind was when the Professor,* his daughter, and her boyfriend calmly have a discussion that Hercules is most likely suffering from Delusions of Grandeur and then collectively agree that, because they think he's a pretty dope dude, they just don't care. They aren't even a little bit concerned about the psychopath they've let into their lives? This is even after stating that other people suffering from DoG are usually institutionalized! So they are going to just ignore the fact that this mountain of a man, who has been exhibiting violent and erratic behavior, as well as symptoms that could possibly point toward schizophrenia, just because they think he's "fascinating" and kind of neat? Yup, that makes sense...


    *Did anyone else think the Professor acted like a Chris Parnell character?


    His arc is basically the movie Six Degrees of Separation except instead of Will Smith pretending to be Sidney Poitier's son, it's Arnold pretending to be Zeus' son.

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  8. To answer next week's mini ep question, no, Nic Cage would NOT have made this movie better!



    I think HDTGM found its new patron saint today. We'll start asking whether a movie would have been better with Arnold Stang. Spoiler alert: the answer will always be "yes." Even in this movie- he could have played Zeus as well as his own dead wife.



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  9. Not having Jason in the last full ep made his return this week jarring.


    He made fun of an actor with a 60+ year career -- which Jason should be so lucky to have, was a complete dick to the audience -- a shtick that's more than worn itself out, called the women in the audience bitches, and just proceeded to yell over EVERYONE -- audience and hosts alike.


    If I have to choose between not having June at a live show or not having Jason, I'll kick Jason out any day.


    Someone take the cocaine away from him before the live shows PLEASE.


    Disagree. "Give me your baby."

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  10. My reactions to this fucking thing:


    1) The best part of Hercules in New York is that they found a way to repurpose the mandalinish/zitherific The Third Man soundtrack.





    2) Holy shit at 33 minutes in I think you can hear the director off camera say "scream" to the actress to get her to scream.



    3) Finally, this movie is Crocodile Dundee with muscles. So here is a better poster:



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  11. Thanks to Otherspace, I've become a big fan of Neil Casey. This morning I checked out his Twitter feed- which just says "Fuck yourself" over and over. He's been doing that since 2013, apparently. Even his Twitter resembles a kid's first programming exercise in TRS-80 BASIC:


    100 Print "Fuck Yourself"

    110 Goto 100

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  12. One nerdy omission: the character names for Castor and his brother Pollux are taken from Greek mythology. If I'm reading this right, it sounds like they were twin warriors and champion boxers who eventually pissed off Zeus so much that he condemned each to spend eternity alternating between Mt. Olympus and Hades with the other in the opposite place so the two of them were never again together.




    The screenwriter even underlined the Greek-mythology connection by giving them both the last name Troy. I'm not sure why they did this, though. It might have made more sense to name the leads Castor and Pollux since they're two sides of the same metaphorical coin. I don't know. Thoughts, guys?

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  13. I want to mount a 1-man show focused on the 12 hours Nic Cage spent between filming Con Air and Face/Off.


    In it, Nic travels to the world of the dead and teams up with Aleister Crowley to rescue Butterscotch, the Jack Russel Terrier who taught him the craft of acting.

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