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  1. if there was a spectrum of enjoyable earwolf guest off-mic laughter it might look something like this:


    PFT <----------------------------------------------------------------------------> Pete Holmes


    we're still in beta.


    I have no problem at all with Pete's laugh because it's absolutely genuine. He's aware that it annoys some folks, and I think he's said that he tried to mute it somewhat but it didn't work. My understanding is that now he embraces its abrasiveness.


    PFT's laugh is something altogether different. It fills me with utter joy every time I hear it. It's like an angel descending from heaven to kiss a podcast episode on the forehead and saying "this bit is going well; please continue." He tries to be off mic when he does it, but his laugh starts off so explosive (because it surprises him, I think) that he can't hide it. The fact that it's a little muffled and off mic makes it even more delightful. He's like a kid puking in the direction of the bathroom because he felt it coming on just a half second before it happened. The gesture is appreciated but altogether ineffective. Gross analogy. Sorry.

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  2. I had to make this, you guys. I HAD to.



    Big version can be found here.


    The best tangent ever on this show. "It's not that they're 'goddamn monkeys.' They're just monkeys." I feel for June on this one. That kind of thing can be frustrating, but she seemed to keep her cool. I wonder if it was an icy drive home for Paul & June, though.

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  3. I'm glad Scot and Scot decided to release this now. They nailed it on the head about the media reporting on the album.

    The Scots' review convinced me to listen to it and I was very pleasantly surprised as I know a huge audience is as well. But that story is not as interesting as the "backlash" angle, which has been ridiculous. And now today I see "reported" is that the Black Keys drummer is "slamming" U2's release strategy that it's "devaluing" their music.

    Yes, they have devalued their music just as a HUGE audience gets to listen to them for the 1st time (or the 1st time in a long time) and the sales of ALL their backlog jumps up and a new generation is primed to WANT to listen to their follow up. Riiiight...


    My guess is that ripping off Stairway to Heaven is probably a bigger devaluation than giving away an album for free.


    Also, the drummer? In a duo where the singer basically does the work of four people, the guy who barely does one always seems to be the one shooting his mouth off about other musicians.

  4. So, from what I gather, Scott's HP sex robot looks like this old Doctor Who companion, but with sex organs:K9.jpg


    I'll, uh...I'll take two. *looks around sheepishly*


    In the not-so-distant future, there will be a version of "Will It Blend?" called "Can I Fuck That?" in which people will debate whether or not an object has the requisite holes or knobs for sexual activity. First episode: K9. Answer: Yes, oh yes. Look at those Kayne shades K9's wearing? He's ready to go.

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  5. My young son said this to me today: "Don't you hate it when you're picking your nose and just you pull out a booger, you look at your finger and it's gone? It's like one of them escaped! You're looking around, where did it go?" I was very impressed.


    Then I realized that it wasn't my son but my 40-year-old second cousin who said it, and it didn't seem as cute.

  6. Burr is known as this angry acerbic guy. I never expected him to be this gracious about other comedians. I'm sure you've seen the O&A clip where he wins over a riotous Philly audience by shitting on them mercilessly. It's definitely his "I ain't scared of you motherfuckers" moment.