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    Ask Paul!

    Hello Paul! I want to start off by saying I'm a huge fan of your work and thank you for all the wonderful things you do. Which of the CBB running jokes (it's been, hey nong man, technicality no down boo over, ect.) is your favorite and are there any you don't enjoy so much? Thanks again!
  2. GerryWithaG

    U2 trivia challenge!

    Either "awhile" or "one week since you looked at me." Question #7 http://youtu.be/zwyLOkbO5nw Is this song U2?
  3. GerryWithaG

    U2 trivia challenge!

    Child's play. "Pride (In the Name of Love)" Question #4 Which album features the songs "Walking on a Thin Line" and "Heart of Rock and Roll"?
  4. GerryWithaG

    So how long...

    A couple of Scotts spotted at the forum last night. I'm getting on my sexy boots.
  5. How about a Mraz-zou-cast where Adam and Adam talk to Jason Mantzoukas about Jason Mraz?
  6. I think this episode was amazing and that this podcast needs to go on forever. Adam and Adam should host the Late Late show as a twofer duo. I have an adult job and I would stay up for that. I just hope next week these guys focus a little more on what U Talkin' U2 To Me is all about; the t-shirts.
  7. How about The Four One One on 311. 18 year old me can host.
  8. GerryWithaG

    It seems clear. Earwolf fans want a Paul Rust podcast

    How about a Bachelor Brothers podcast live from the Bachelor Pad?
  9. Washington 1789-1799 Jefferson 1801-1826 Jackson 1829-1845 Polk 1845-1849 Taylor 1849-1850 Fillmore 1850-1874 Hayes 1877-1893 Cleveland 1893-1908 Taft 1909-1930 FDR 1933-1945 Truman 1945-1972 Ford 1974-2006 Obama 2009- Present Millard Fillmore would have been president through the Civil War. Neither Adams or Bush would have been president. Also no Nixon or Clinton.
  10. My perm is covered in sperm, welcome to Comedy Bang! Bang!
  11. GerryWithaG

    Top 5 CBB/CDR Moments

    5. I think its Ep. 103 when Scott, Paul, and Reggie sing the theme song for "Heat Rises" starring Paul Reiser 4. I agree with Brian and will say anything PFT does. My favorite might be Cake Boss and Angie Richter in Ep. 106. 3. Ep. 166 Farts and Procreation. This whole show is a favorite moment. 2. Ep. 63 From David Koechner's entrance on. wink. 1. Ep. 148 Everything in this episode. I'll count down my favorite moments from 1. 1. The discussion about entertainment weekly 0. The snubs and flubs from the discussion enterment weekly -1. Andy Daly's "cavalcade of suidicial characters."
  12. GerryWithaG

    Space Jam (1996)

    I was just going to suggest this! It has all the makings of a classic HDTGM movie: odd cameos, huge logic leaps, terrible special effects, amazing 90's soundtrack feat. a rap song performed by the Looney Tunes. Plus the lead is an athlete whose only prior acting experience was Hanes commercials. PLEASE do this movie!
  13. GerryWithaG

    Episode 198 — Aren't You Glad

    That Little Gary Sundance episode was great! I thought that the crowd not being mic'd actually worked well with it. After all part of Lil G's charm is that most people hate him.
  14. GerryWithaG

    Entourage Woody Allen on Doug Loves Movies

    I'm hoping for an episode of DLM where Scott does Entourage Woody Allen the whole time ala PFT's classic appearances in character.
  15. Go fuck yourself this is Comedy Bang Bang.