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  1. Hey all.


    I am a new listener to the podcast. Can anyone suggest some good episodes to get a better idea of the show? My first listen was earlier today, but I picked the Ed Helms episode and get the vibe there are better representations of the show.


    Thanks for your time.

  2. I do like when guests familiar with the format put in their two cents on the takes up top. However, I do agree that it can also take away when guests who are not familiar with the format step on the jokes of the brothers Sklar. I do miss some of the truly hilarious fan emails, but do not miss the puns that are so clearly forced in some of the email openers.

  3. Brothers Sklarington, if we can't get Ric Flair on the show can we at least get a quick hit on his ridiculousness since leaving the WWE. Just found out he is slinging some kind of energy drink for Coke as well....pretty sure that is what he may he was doing in the 80's for all those high energy promos.





  4. Great episode, one of my recent favorites.


    Really enjoyed the interview with Jason and will most definitely check out the Dictator now.


    Can we get some more Tiger Woods soon? I listen at work and have been catching up on back podcasts and any Tiger appearance results in me stifling laughter to the bewilderment of my coworkers.