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  1. vgfitzger

    EPISODE 336 — NOT Farts and Procreation 4

    If I'm not mistaken, the last ever piece of foam is the first ever Foam Re-run. Which is hilarious and very foamy.
  2. I tuned out when he unironically tried to use Cheers and Seinfeld to explain Friends to "younger listeners".
  3. It looks like it's qualifying the "Best Podcast In The Universe" moniker to "Best Earwolf Podcast In The Universe". Which I guess is still technically fine since Earwolf podcasts are the Best Podcasts in the universe. Still, I think the casual observer might think the wearer of the shirt isn't confident that I4H is indeed the BPITU, which it is.
  4. vgfitzger

    Yet Another Sponsor Complaint

    It's right in the main navigation bar. Third from the right, it says "Adult Movies." Pretty obvious. Maybe if you navigated the web with less then 50 tabs each buffering a different asian anal anime clip for once you'd have seen it. Embrace the fact that you're a cog in the porn industry. It's good money, millions of hopelessly addicted users can't be wrong!
  5. vgfitzger

    Episode 94 — Hands In The Air

    Why would you want to argue with someone who has the conviction that there is no such thing as right and wrong? How annoying. If he truly thinks there is no such thing as morality why does he draw the line of acceptability at causing harm to other living things? Seems arbitrary. Asking a normal person to argue against Gemberling about bestiality is like asking Gemberling to defend his belief that it's wrong to cause suffering for a animal to a sadistic psychopath. It would be pointless.
  6. On yesterday's podcast Matt Besser said something to the effect of, "I'm not successful enough to take this kind of criticism without being really insulted." I don't know if that was recorded before or after my comment, but it still made me feel bad for exacerbating Besser's body of work image issues. So, I'll actually backpedal on my original statement a bit here to clear my conscience. I deliberately attacked Freak Dance as a dance movie, because as a musical dance movie, it was a failure. The music, lyrics and choreography were not up to any standards. A good satire needs to at least approach the quality of the genre it satirizes. As a surreal comedy movie it was great, clocking in at about a laugh a minute. However, the plodding, boring dance sequences make it impossible to recommend. So, my hate of Freak Dance leaves my respect for Matt as a comedian unscathed. That statement is idiotic. How could one insult a person's only dance movie without insulting their demonstrated ability to make dance movies? Also, if you're going to split hairs like an idiot, I never insulted his abilities I only insulted his knowledge on how to make a watchable dance movie, which doesn't infringe on his character at all. Did you notice how I never called you an idiot? Is it really any better to beat around the bush like that? You still idiotically feel as if I called you an idiot. If I were Matt, I would be most hurt that with all the people standing up for Matt and against "unnecessary snark" nobody is standing up for Freak Dance. Implicitly agreeing with me about Freak Dance while also agreeing with Matt's assessment of his career esteem not being able to withstand snark.
  7. Just because someone disliked Freak Dance doesn't mean they're not a Besser fan. Your body of work isn't like the old testament of the bible, I can pick and choose what I accept in my heart and still expect to be let into improv heaven. So, to someone interested in preventing a torturous eternity, I wouldn't recommend either lying with a man as with a woman or watching Freak Dance. I figured you, as a sumptuously accomplished comedian, should be able to take a little ribbing about your old projects in stride. Shall I cite my sources? I only have one and it's wikipedia, but I think it helps my case: http://en.wikipedia..../Roast_(comedy) What's your thinking on why it's not cool to flippantly insult Freak Dance? Is it because I know you read the forum and should spare your feelings? Or is it because you've had me on the show and I should consider you a friendly acquaintance? You know what? You're right. Yeah, I really regret it and would delete it now if I knew that doing so wouldn't make you call me out as a fool and a coward. I'm completely backpedaling, okay? You win sir. Please don't intellectually bully me any farther, I've had enough. Let's talk sports sometime.
  8. So, Grand Theft Auto trains kids to jump off of third story balconies and Commander Shepard is the guy from Halo. Matt knows almost as much about video games as he knows about making a watchable dance movie.
  9. vgfitzger

    Episode 87 — Sexual Attraction Pt 2

    How many episodes of this misandrist am I going to listen to before I realize that Professor Blastoff is never going to get Sacha Baron Cohen as a guest and then misspell his first name and omit his middle name in the title?
  10. Of course we thought you probably said the n-word. Generally, that's THE slur that you can't say unless you're making some sort of shocking point about using the n-word. Don't put it off on that guy, like he's got the n-word on his mind. It's also funny that you give a hint, then ask us not to have a guessing game. That's like saying "Ready... Set... Go! But please, let's not have this turn into a race!" Anyway, my guess is "Gubba" the derogatory term for White people used by Aboriginal Australians. Am I close?
  11. Gabrus messed up the song. It should be: Who can take a cheese grater, Strap it to his arm, fist fuck the bitch and make pussy Parmesan? The S & M Man. How is one to make pussy parmesan just by grabbing the bitch without fist fucking her? Shoot the boot ya idiot! Also, is it now canonical that the name of the announcer is "The Improv4Humans Robot"?
  12. This episode was the cunt's tits! Raiders!
  13. vgfitzger

    Episode 59 — Gun Control

    So, since they've already taken a knee jerk shit on the bill or rights we shouldn't mind if they hop a squat and do it again? This is the line of thinking that makes the slippery slope fallacy less than fallacious. What exactly is the problem with that? We frequently have armed guards to protect our money. Why not extend that same precaution to our kids?
  14. vgfitzger

    Episode 59 — Gun Control

    Do you think that in your double barreled shotgun only America, when someone eventually decides to achieve CNN celebrity by walking into an elementary school and shooting two kids, people's reaction would be, "Thank god it was only two!" No! Two is still two too many. I'm not saying it's a slippery slope, but when knees are jerking, gun rights are gonna be the first thing to get kicked.
  15. vgfitzger

    Episode 59 — Gun Control

    Straw-man arguments rarely do. I'm not interested in the logistics of a treasonous uprising. I'm interested in just how far we are willing to tolerate constant restrictions of our rights, trading freedom for safety at every turn. If you think that the desire to have any small guarantee to soften the ever looming threat of intolerable oppression isn't valid just because of the existence of nukes and drones, well there's nothing that can be said to you.