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  1. Hannah

    Hey everyone

    I am also sad at news of the hiatus. Devin has great wit and insight and made me look at movies in new ways. As someone who loves movies almost as much as I love anything, getting to listen to the discussions on this podcast has been so wonderful. I have to say my favorite part of the podcast has been Amy's knowledge and notes. I hope the show will go on!
  2. Hannah

    Homework: Labyrinth (1986)

    I saw this as a kid and then later as a teen. Loosely based on the Maurice Sendak story I think, who as a kid was haunted by the story of the Lindbergh baby. What engaged me was that it's kind of particularly dark for a kids movie. As a teen I realized some parts were pretty rough ("c'mon feet") but liked it for um, other reasons. Interestingly, I read an earlier draft of the script once and it skewed way more adult particularly in the Sarah/Goblin King relationship. Apparently David Bowie had them tone it down for being too creepy for him. Great movie!
  3. Hannah

    Episode 2 - Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom

    "Fun racism" - ouch. Amy is right on this one
  4. Hannah

    Rings (2016)

    I know that the show generally doesn't do movies in theaters anymore, but I just watched the trailer for the upcoming Rings movie and I thought it was a parody at first! Vincent D'Onofrio popping up in it was just sad.
  5. How did he not know what a skunk is
  6. Hannah

    Episode 169 — Too Young To Have Kids

    I disagree, in my "group" or whatever it's kind of different to get married before you're 30, let alone have kids... Not that it's inherently bad but my friends who are married/engaged have gotten "you're too young" from their families and I know my family would think that too. It's not like anyone is thinking 27 is like a child as much as that your 20s are for personal and professional development and a marriage and especially kids at that age is more likely interrupt career progression and also to end in divorce (I'm not saying that's true, just the perception)- and most of all that in your 20s you do not have the same financial security/savings for raising the child as you will in your 30s. I'm 23 and when people ask me if I'm married/have kids I kind of have the same reaction as the teacher does but most of the people I work with are from more working class backgrounds and it's just different. But I agree that it is not a race thing I don't know why that guy would think that it is.
  7. Hannah

    Bad Summer Movies!

    One from the Jaws franchise! 3 or 4 are pretty equally amazing... the shark breaking into Sea World vs the shark stalking the family to the Bahamas, cockblocking the mom from getting with Michael Caine...