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    Flash Gordon (1980)

    As a religious listener to HDTGM, I think Flash Gordon would be an amazing movie for you to review. It has Timothy Dalton in what might be his best performance since the Rocketeer and Max Von Sydow, playing the creepy eastern European character that he always plays (see: Strange Brew, Shutter island, Victory et al). OH YEAH... and it has a theme song by Queen. This is clearly the best part of the movie until the birdmen attack at the ened. Yes, birdmen. No Nicholas Cage, but this has got to be an old enough movie that it wont irk any of your friends inthe film business to tear it to shreds/place it on the pedastal of awesometerribleness. Let's also not forget Sam J. Jones, ya know, the star of such films as... hell you could probably get him to do the podcast with you