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  1. Didn't they say this crew would have a show in Calgary soon? I can't find anything about it online.
  2. woodycanuck

    Roar (1981)

    WOW. This just played at the Calgary Underground Film Festival. Absolutely bonkers!! I literally can not figure out how this movie was backed for $18 million. I can only imagine how that pitch could have gone. "So, there's this house with over 100 big wild cats in it, and a family arrives and keeps trying to avoid the cats trying to eat them. Then after the family sleeps on it, they decide they love the animals" "Interesting setup! Ok, what's the story?" "That's the story" "Oh... Any chance you could add a secondary plot to stretch this to 90 minutes?" "How about... funny African guy who is scared of lions?" "Love it!" Roared is a perfect fit for HDTGM. Crazy productions stories, it's basically Tippi Hendren and her family doing all the acting, there is almost no plot, and the plot makes no sense, and there are all sorts of unbelievable scenes. But I think hardly anyone has ever seen it so not sure what to do about that?
  3. I have actually developed a few issues directly related to the absence of Affirmation Nation podcasts. These maladies include: Irritable Bob Syndrome Earwolf Infections Scritti Politti Titty Tooth Duccay
  4. Thanks for all the catchphrase submissions folks. The contest is now officially over and I'm excited to announce the winner is.... this one!
  5. I wanted to share an episode with a friend, all I remember is that there were a couple of slide whistles being used for sound effects. Does anybody remember which one this was? I think it was around episode 8-10? Thanks.