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    Episode 35 — I Fixed It!

    Never heard of Chris Gore before, but what a sociopath. How can he without irony talk about how polite he is, and he hates when people are so inconsiderate as to not use their turn signals, and then explain how he likes to yell things out in restaurants and then abandon a first date at the table? If someone ever did that to me I would have a blood oath against them until the day I die. How telling that he slipped and called the people in the restaurant the "audience." God, I think I'm going to lose sleep tonite over my visceral hatred of this guy...
  2. BillBrasky

    Episode 30 — Toast Points

    I think that Kafka line was probably spoken by a character to indicate the kind of thinking that can lead to nightmarish bureaucracy and despotism, rather than an actual piece of wisdom. Great ep tho, sorry for being a prig.