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    The Other Sister (1999)

    i highly recommend it. tons of bad dialogue, and lewis and ribisi going full retard is awe inspiringly tasteless and amazing.
  2. can't believe this hasn't been done yet, it just might be the ultimate 'how did this get made?' movie. juliette lewis and giovanni ribisi play the roles of their lifetimes: retarded star crossed lovers. diane keaton is juliette's stern mother (but will she learn a life lesson signified by an end of movie wardrobe change from all black to bright red?) and tom skerritt is her mustachio'd dad. i watched this movie before discovering this podcast - my girlfriend and i literally could not stop asking each other "how the fuck did this movie get made?!". it's a clear case of collective insanity. truly unbelievable. i'm about to watch tiptoes, and i kind imagine it's sort of a 'tiptoes but for retarded people instead of midgets'. watch this movie - it defies all reason.