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  1. Kickpuncher

    Best of 2017 Pt. 3

    So glad we got to hear "Monster Fuck" outside the confines of Octy Doggy, but I really wish we'd get a proper introduction for these bonus clips.
  2. Kickpuncher

    Episode 056: The Movie Posters of James Bond

    I was looking at them along with the episode, and the Matts didn't make nearly enough out of how ridiculously long their legs are on the Octopussy poster.
  3. Listler was really unhinged in this one. Great stuff.
  4. Kickpuncher

    Episode 8 - Sketch Comedy

    Comedy Central was awesome in the mid-/late-90s with weekday afternoon re-runs of SNL and TKitH. I can't believe that Lauren and Jon couldn't remember "Gavin", the Bruce McCulloch* character in the clip they played; he was probably the single most memorable character from the show for me. As far as SNL casts, the Farley/Sandler/Spade one felt like "my" cast in terms of live episodes, but I was also a huge fan of the previous Hartman/Carvey/Hooks era from re-runs. *Also responsible for a two-word phrase that one of my friends and I used endlessly in college:
  5. Kickpuncher

    Best of 2017 Pt. 1 - Nagada: A Star Wars Story

    This might be a coincidence, but it's kind of amazing that Chief mentioned Carmen Sandiego playing baseball early in her first appearance, then in the Pee Cast Blast ep, she tells an extended story about nearly catching her while she played for the Rockford Peaches.
  6. You know Cackers and Jackson and Annie and Millie, Lublin and Mark G and Tompkins and Eban. But do you recall the most Little improviser of all?
  7. You know you're in for a good one when Paul LOLs at the very first line.
  8. Dunderscore Blasucci! I thought so too! She even looks a little like Maria.
  9. "I know about the poo-poo in shrimp, I'm not that old."
  10. Kickpuncher

    Episode 7 - Christmas

    Great ep, and I was really happy to get my barbecue sauce fix after a week off.
  11. Kickpuncher

    Episode 368 - Stethoscopes on the Pulse

    I'm about halfway through and this is amazing. Dan had one of the best reactions yet to the movie chart theme.
  12. Best episode of the new batch!
  13. Kickpuncher

    Episode 525 - 2017 Holiday Spectacular

    Drink ya milk Eat ya vegetables Wear ya silk Eat ya legetables GOAT
  14. I'm sure Hamburger Helper appreciates the free advertising, but their mascot isn't an oven mitt. (That would make way more sense.)
  15. Kickpuncher

    Episode 54: Q and A

    "...'Trigger Mortis'...and I remember hating that name." GOOD CALL.
  16. Kickpuncher

    Episode 177.5 - Minisode 177.5

    I didn't specifically think of Grammer, but I was thinking that Couture is the ABSOLUTE LAST person you'd want to pick. Like, does Paul actually know who he is beyond "Person who was in The Expendables"?
  17. Kickpuncher

    Commentary Tracks

    I believe they said that they'd be doing these...BEHIND THE PAYWALL!
  18. #BONECHIEF!!! Great ep. Carl did a nice job of backing out of it becoming canon that Traci is a mother.
  19. Kickpuncher

    Episode 053: Die Another Day with Andy Secunda

    Best GLOFT ever?
  20. I know that Scott doesn't want to feel like he's assigning guests homework, but it's amazing how much better a main guest fits in when they've heard the show even a little.
  21. I really hope that any future guest who gets booked with PFT intentionally shows up late so that Scott and Paul will have to fill time by bickering about various minutiae. The rest of the episode was also very good!
  22. I listened for "John Lennon", but gave up when it became clear that Besser was devoting a whole episode to having two characters side with him in an insane argument.
  23. I'm glad they brought up the May/Hayek episode, because it seems impossible that this pairing wasn't inspired by that, and this one was equally amazing/silly.
  24. Very funny episode! I always enjoy it when Traci gets to be part of the main plot.
  25. Kickpuncher

    Episode 4 - Commercials

    These last two episodes have really revealed how songs I haven't heard in 25 years are still buried deep in the dark recesses of my mind.