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  1. Kickpuncher

    Episode 373 - Ladythoughts

    Tinker, Kremer, Moleman, Spy
  2. Kickpuncher

    Episode 96 - Michael Wolff Fucks (w/ Adam Frucci)

    The sledgehammer exchange at the beginning was incredible. Great ep as usual.
  3. Greatest opening line in improv history? Also, an especially enjoyable episode of the Paul F. Tompkins Hymnal Hour.
  4. Kickpuncher

    Episode 529 - Am I The What?

    To be fair to Scott, Grover and Cookie Monster (among others) are definitely monsters. Great ep.
  5. Not having a self-imposed rule that a show needs to produce 52 episodes a year would be another way.
  6. Favorite moments: - Discussion of caricatures which I can only assume were drawn by Dabney Coleperson - "Do the Bartman" - "Do you hate yourself as much as I do? Then come see Pitch Perfect 3 with me."
  7. This was amazing. I want every episode to feature an American culture report by Vladimir Putin.
  8. Kickpuncher

    Episode 528 - This Is The Story of My Life

    I don't know if there's a CBB Curse, but it just hit Jason Kidd!
  9. Back-to-back Wisconsin episodes! Every bit as good as I would expect from this cast.
  10. I'm not worried. For one thing, an existing Earwolf show moving to Howl/SP would be unprecedented. Even setting that aside, she could have easily been thinking of a) WSGLL archives still being available on SP even without new episodes on Earwolf, or [the letter b, not the eyes of a cool smiley face]) Wild Horses being available on SP (and eventually "coming back" since they also just ended a "season") since this was a re-purposed WH episode.
  11. Agreed. Conan always comes across as being really thoughtful and seems to have a great perspective on things. I hope that Lauren just mis-spoke when she said that the show would be back on Stitcher Premium after a hiatus.
  12. ACCENTS! Fantastic episode. Did anyone else wonder why there were three characters with names from Game of Thrones?
  13. "Gwendoline Captain Phasma"
  14. Kickpuncher

    Episode 28 - Brian Huskey - Spotlight On: Seth Wompler

    Instant classic.
  15. Kickpuncher

    Episode 527 - Hootie Hoo

    Going in, it felt kind of weird to not have a "main" guest (real person or established character), but this totally worked. Although I was a little surprised that Scott never said "Oh, you say 'baby' too?" to Dorothy, who was dropping them like there's no tomorrow.
  16. Kickpuncher

    Episode 057: Diamonds Are Forever with Kristian Bruun

    Kristian pointing out Canadiana in the Bond films = BLOTCH (Bruun's 'Look Out, There's Canadian Happenings!'")
  17. Kickpuncher

    Unavailable episodes

    All Earwolf podcasts from more than six months ago are supposed to be exclusively on Stitcher Premium, so theoretically none of them should be on either of those platforms.
  18. One of the dumbest/best episodes ever.
  19. Kickpuncher

    Episode 325 - The Comaterium

    "What could the spirits do that would be worse than covering the town in penises?"
  20. I probably say this a lot, but this was one of the best Traci segments ever.
  21. Kickpuncher

    Best of 2017 Pt. 4

    They talked about Mr. Microphone and sang a three-syllable phrase to the tune of "Girls on Film". C+.
  22. Kickpuncher

    Episode 369 - Curse of Taste

    Lots of great lines in this one, but Ku takes the crown: "Do you know Iron Chic?" "The wrestler?" [15 seconds later] "Do you know Pallbearer?" "The wrestler?!"
  23. What's this about a "season finale" next week?
  24. Sandy like a beach, Queefy like a pussy fart.