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  1. scott, if you need to google something (like edward penishands), you gotta bing it.



    also, wasn't there some talk a couple years ago about JW and the Timekeeper joining forces?

    i'm hoping to get some resolution or recapitulation on that years-old, probably inconsequential, exchange (which i may have imagined).


    Now that you mention it, I vaguely remember an MCU-style post-episode scene that seemed to be teasing that a group was being formed which included the Timekeeper, at least.


    Anyway, this episode was a lot of fun!

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  2. I think, after REM, they should just shift from focusing on one act and into a general music talk/mini-podcast podcast. Like the whole ep of talking about their favorite 2000s albums is a cool idea. They could easily do something like that every couple of weeks, right? Please?


    When Scott asked Adam about that, I figured he meant as an idea for a new series, but then he said it could be an episode, which seems weird. If they can devote 2-hour episodes to every U2 and REM album, it feels like they could easily talk for an hour about each of their top tens, which would be 20 episodes.

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  3. Also, i feel like i almost, almost, know how it feels like to be in R.E.M.


    Good! (I don't mean that it feels good, because I don't know how it feels to be in REM; I mean that it's good that you feel like you almost know how it feels.)


    If they can't do another series, I hope they can at least do a ten-part spin-off where they dissect each of those Jim Nabors records.

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  4. April Richardson is a gosh darned delight.


    Everyone who liked this episode should check out her new-ish podcast Sordid Details. It makes perfect sense that she's friends with Howard Kremer, because they're both super funny/cool, but also have legitimately insane quirks/opinions that make for really entertaining listening.


    Based on the clips, I feel like Scott is 100% right about this album.