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  1. guicemann

    Episode 324 - Ironic Love Songs

    "Don't hate, create." -Scott Belsky
  2. Stop saying interrupting cow. All the cows are dead. We ate them all. No more burger business.
  3. guicemann

    Episode 144 - Howard Kremer, Our Close Friend

  4. guicemann

    Episode 288 - Ramhanded

    I very much enjoyed listening to Howard enjoy that Die Antwoord song :D
  5. guicemann

    Episode 288 - Ramhanded

  6. guicemann

    Episode 68 - Charlie Malta AKA Guicemann

    How wonderful it is to be able to revisit this episode. Coming back to this episode is very helpful to me in continuing to grow as a human being. Thank you again for having me on OMFG! Deanna and Emily, The OMFG BABES! You rule! :) :) :D :D :wub: :wub:
  7. I force quit having sex with my wife last night
  8. guicemann

    Episode 105 - Scott Aukerman and Chris Bannon

    Mannnnnn this is wonderful!!! :) :)
  9. YOU CAN DO IT!!! (As Rob Schneider has said in many of the Adam Sandler Movies)
  10. Yo yo yo Andy! Haha thanks dude! Perhaps that will happen, fantastic pic right there!
  12. guicemann

    Episode 272 - Pavlov's Dogging You

    Ahhhhhhhhh soooo coool!!! Thanks for using my question!!! :D :)
  13. This is so cool!!! Loving this episode!!! :D
  14. Mannnnnnnn I love these "Ask the UCB" episodes!!! Thank you Matt!!!
  15. Don't Believe Me Just Trump It https://soundcloud.c...rump-it-short-4
  16. As I cleaned out my food pockets, I said to myself, "I wonder what's in the cookie jar tonight."
  17. guicemann

    Episode 268 - Slime Wrestling

    LOVED this ep! Giancarlo rules! Really enjoyed his energy and all that he said, If he had a podcast I would totally tune in. Also I have definitely heard Kulap say, "Your energy is electric" or she may have even said "electric energy" before on a previous episode, those phrases, "electric energy" , "your energy is electric" I connect with, so I figured i'd attach this song [media=''] [/media]
  18. You need more sleep you need the pepperoni meat!!!
  19. Hello from the other side welcome to good burger home of the good burger can I take your order?
  20. Hello from the other side its me Casper The Friendly Ghost!
  21. Time keeps on slipping into the future as the steve miller band once said. Hey time! Ya really gotta watch out for all those banana peels inside future!
  22. guicemann

    EPISODE 213 — Dramatic Tornado

    I love it when Matt drops knowledge into the brains of the younger. 1:18:25 "Where ya at? Cause maybe you’re not ready to hone yet. Cause I think there’s a time to hone and maybe you’re not there yet. Maybe you’re still spreadin your wings and finding what you are, what should be honed, what you are guna be good at." Thanks Matt!
  23. Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat!?!?!?! NO WAYYY!!! :D :D