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  1. snato

    Episode 206 — Career Killing Commercials

    Nevah has there evah been a bettah Jaws Is Bettah.
  2. snato

    Episode 285 — Solo Bolo

    What is the deal with Solo Bolos? They're great. That's the deal. Seinfeld out.
  3. Jimmy and Scott are so great together. They just bounce off each other so well, it's always a total joy.
  4. snato

    Episode 204 — The Pepper Men

    Abracadalifornia is my favourite thing. It is just the PERFECT parody. If you wanna get Frasier, you gotta get Grammer.
  5. Pardo is the absolute best, glad this show is free so I can actually recommend it to people now. Hooray! Eliot was dressed like the court appointed defendant on a TV show.
  6. I'll add Brett Gelman to the list. That halloween rap with the absurd amount of characters is one of my very favourite Bang Bang moments. And MJ is great. He's such a rascal! Hee hee!
  7. snato

    Episode 265 — LIVE from RIOT LA

    On the best of show where PFT started screaming about SIREENS, and it was obvious how much he'd tickled himself, I was almost certain that vague character would return. And I was right! And right is the best thing to be! Also, Lauren Lapkus is a goddamn genius.
  8. This acquisition means that all of my favourite podcasts are now owned by the wolf. Great news! Also I joined the players club. So now i'm a player.
  9. snato

    Episode 263 — Hollywild

    This was one of the best episodes of Big Bang Theory I've ever seen.
  10. snato

    Episode 259 — Charlotte's Website

    This episode had laughs from coast to coast. It made me smile.
  11. snato

    Matt and Kanye

    "Yes, and... I'mma let you finish"
  12. snato

    Episode 233 — Royal Watching

    I get what you mean, but I think he was just throwing a bunch of curveballs to Daly because he's so freaking good, and it usually results in great tangents. Scott often does the same thing to him, focusing on weird specific details and pursuing them to insane conclusions, instead of what the character was originally trying to talk about. A lot of the best stuff with Daly's characters have come from that obtuse style of questioning. I'm thinking specifically of the guy who just wanted to talk about running for Mayor of Hollywood and ended up being the brainwashing architect of a satanic flesh monster.
  13. snato

    Comedy Bang Bang Season 2 Thread

    Amazing episode. Soap or dope, Fabrice Fabrice, Christopher Meloni, various other insane happenings. In other words... it was right up my alley.
  14. On the positive side, I loved all of those normal audience members.
  15. snato

    Episode 90 — Bear Suit

    Awesome lineup, always great to hear Sean Conroy on I4H. That article about Del Close the devil worshipper was pretty amazing. And yeah, people like that are generally just trolling for reactions. The journalistic equivalent of a kid banging on pots and pans. I'd wager she doesn't even really believe half the shit she wrote, or at least doesn't really care. But man, it would have been pretty great to hear Besser rip her to shreds. Also, that was one funky ass presidential sax solo.
  16. Completely lost it when Jesse got trapped in the plug bag. Oh my god. Tears.
  17. I'm in Australia and had to jump through a few hoops to purchase a season pass from the US iTunes store, but it IS possible. I've never had to work so hard to spend money. Glad I did though! Also very happy to hear that there will be a DVD. Easier to spread the good word to friends when you can just hand em a physical thing and yell WATCH THIS at them. Right in their face.
  18. This is a couple years old, but I can definitely see some great scenes coming out of it. Ed Miliband, current leader of the opposition in the UK, gets chronically stuck on a talking point. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PZtVm8wtyFI
  19. That clip of the Boy George snake piqued my interest, so I attempted to find out more information. But all I could find was a video of the opening credits, which only raised INFINITELY MORE QUESTIONS. It's entirely improvised? By children? The opening titles lists everybodys ages? The children are playing adults? What? You've thrown me down a rabbit hole, Fogelnest.
  20. snato

    Episode 7 — A Crazy Moment in Phishtory

    Now there's some constructive criticism. Dry your mouth, Rabin! Get one of those mouth towels!
  21. snato

    Scott on Red Eye

    Sorry bro, but Scott wasn't taking them down from the inside. He was doing a bit and they were all playing (and laughing) along. I know it's on Fox News, but Red Eye is not an evil republican propaganda hate fuel program. It's just surrounded by them. Red Eye is just a comedy panel show with genuine funny people. The guy Scott was arguing with, in the Ninja Turtles t-shirt, was comedian Gavin McInnes, doing a character. TV's Andy Levy is always on the show, who you may have seen palling around with most of your favourite comedians on Twitter.
  22. Loved this episode, really interesting discussion. Definitely not a fan of either band, but that just means that they're not FOR me. I'm a big believer in the philosophy of "just because YOU don't like something, doesn't mean you have to actively HATE it, so maybe quit shitting on people for having fun incorrectly, snobby guy" Sure, it's not the pithiest philosophy. And I think it could get me fired from the internet if the wrong people heard about it. But the Fogelnest Files always seems to support that pop culture worldview, this episode especially.
  23. snato

    Episode 230 — Something for Everything

    I assume that it ISN'T fun to rap in a vacuum cleaner way, and he didn't want to lie to us.
  24. snato

    Submit clips here!

    ...and their incredibly unlikely hit single (#23 on the Aus charts), "(He'll Never Be An) Ol Man River": Dedicated to the memory of River Phoenix.