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    Bad Summer Movies!

    Personally, my favorite summer movie has to be: Evolution. This movie has it all: Aliens, Head & Shoulders, Sean William Scott at his best. The only bad part about this movie is that it doesn't leave time for lubrication....
  2. furtrader

    Episode 38 — Bad Ass

    The beginning of this mini episode stated that it was based on epic beard man and it was stated that "an old bearded man kicks the shit out of some punk". This is only partly true. At the beginning of the video, we can see Epic Beard Man (EBM) asking the other man "how much would you charge me for a spit shine?". The rest of the conversation revolves around the man telling EBM that he made a racist comment, and EBM behaving kinda racistly, even using the word Chinaman. If you watch the video without the preconvieced notion that EBM is the hero, you can see that he is clearly the aggressor. Also, when EBM says that he's 67, the other man (the victim) says that he's 50. He's clearly not the young punk that the internet remembers him as. Also EBM is taller and looks to outweigh the other guy by quite a bit. Not quite the underdog victory. The other guy/victim probably shouldn't have gone to the front of the bus to confront EBM again, but I can't say I blame him. I'd be mad about all that shoe shining talk myself. Anyhow, the video isn't of some repressed underdog being picked on that stood up for himself and kicked the shit out of some punk to earn the title of Epic Beard Man. The video is of some guy trying to stand up to racist behavior, then getting beaten by an old racist man, and is then labeled a punk while the guilty party looks like a hero. Tsk, tsk, internet. Just a little clarification. It's not much, but it just feels unjust to me.