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  1. Please make your plug themes DOWNLOADABLE on Soundcloud. This makes prepping for us much easier, and will increase your chance of getting on the show! Thanks!
  2. hey guys, you can dump your youtubes in here and we might use them on the show! Your video is more likely to be used on the show if... It's NOT an act, a fake, or funny-on-purpose. It's NOT a music video. It's NOT an "Everything is Terrible" style edit. It doesn't rely on the visual to understand. It needs to work on an audio podcast. For long videos, you let me know when I should start it to get to the good part. There should be a way to embed the video to start at the time you want. It's not too similar to other videos and subject matter that has been used before.
  3. you should all consider subscribing to masterclass on stitcher premium, and get ready for season 2 which launches this wednesday. get a free trial with code "MASTERCLASS". shonk teaches writing to bang this season, you won't BELIEVE what happens next
  4. Hey guys, happy holidays! New single from Howard and I. It's a banger. Please support and share if you like it. More where this came from. https://howardkremer.bandcamp.com/track/plug-life
  5. yessir. i don't usually work the live shows, but this time i was there.
  6. BrettMorris

    Episode 296 - Nextasy

    yes they rule
  7. I actually thought of nearly all of those connections in my head at the time and couldn't articulate even one
  8. BrettMorris

    Oculus Summah now available!

    Click here to get the new Virtual Reality EP, Oculus Summah! Let us know what you think!
  9. hey guys, Brett. This is Brett. sean, and, hayes are they mad.
  10. I responded to you on reddit! Kevin probably got it
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    Plugs Come from the Heart

    not downloadable
  12. BrettMorris

    submit youtube clips for improv4humans

  13. I'm literally talking with him right now. Bout to email you
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    EPISODE 256 — Knock Ups

  16. BrettMorris

    EPISODE 255 — An All New Era

    that's me!
  17. BrettMorris

    EPISODE 255 — An All New Era

    This is the plan
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    Click to get the new album!!
  19. BrettMorris

    submit youtube clips for improv4humans