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    EPISODE 336 ā€” NOT Farts and Procreation 4

    Thank you for all of your moving words. It's amazing how many people really got him. This has been soul-crushing and weird and wrong and exhausting not just to experience, but to work through -- if you think this is hard to listen to, imagine recording it... imagine what's on the cutting room floor... It's so weird losing someone you know so publicly, learning it on TMZ, unable to escape it all over the Internet. It's bizarre and forces you to process it way too quickly and intensely. Having this episode on deck only made it crazier, but I'm ultimately so glad we had more Harris to share, and somehow it's as funny as ever. I guess I've technically known Harris for about three years now. When I was listening up on Earwolf to prepare for my new job, he was the first guy who clicked with me and I said, "That guy. I'm gonna get along with that guy." He had a personality I related to and just seemed like so many friends of mine. I already knew how to talk to him. He was so casually hilarious, but almost just because he was more logical or grounded or something. His take was always the coolest. As he might say, "cool dude, great 'tude". He was just over at my place a few weeks ago, we had so much fun. We caught up before Scott/Adam/Chelsea got here last week. He knew all about my show with Who Charted in Sketchfest, which took me by surprise. He paid attention like that. In the back of my mind I was gauging how he looked, hoping he was doing ok with sobriety. I always wanted to hang out more, and bummed when he had to leave. I have many great memories with him, on and off mic, but not nearly enough. I was far from "close" with him, but I was so happy to be at the point where we were buddies, and I knew it would only grow in the future, guaranteed. I just really liked him personally. That's the worst part for me and my own selfish reasons. I wish I had had more time and actively went out to all the parties and shows that I could have. It's extra fucked up when it's a comedian friend who dies (which I'm learning now), because every memory is just pure goofball joy, and thinking back on those moments now with a dark cloud just feels absolutely wrong and was not supposed to be part of the story. It's hard not to be mad about it. But all I can hear in my head when I think and see all these sad thoughts is what his sharp, smart ass response would be. His personality was so distinct, I can tap into that at any time. He would have the perfect thing to say and put us in our place for being overdramatic and humblebragging. There's zero question whether he wanted this or not. He didn't. It just purely sucks, and there's nothing "fitting" or "rock-star" or "meant-to-be" about it. But at least there's no question he would want everyone to chill out and move forward and keep goofing around.
  2. i totally meant to say such a shitty location suggestion...totally part of the bit...crazy improv stuff
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    Episode 69 ā€” Betsy Sodaro, Our Close Friend

    you're missing my part through that
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    submit youtube clips for improv4humans

    Guys PLEASE pay close attention to the "good video" rules. Thanks! NOT an act, a fake, or funny-on-purpose. NOT a music video or song performance. NOT an "Everything is Terrible" style edit. It can't rely on the visual to understand. It needs to work on an audio podcast. For long videos, let me know when I should start it to get to the good part. There should be a way to embed the video to start at the time you want. It's not too similar to other videos and subject matter that has been used before.
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    Episode 216.5 ā€” 1/23/15 TWO CHARTED 155

    if i did one, it'd just be an excuse to jam with a bunch of people
  6. BrettMorris

    Episode 216.5 ā€” 1/23/15 TWO CHARTED 155

    Oh man I'd love that but I'm not sure they'd know who he is. I've mentioned to Besser how much of a dream guest performer he'd be but for some reason Besser can't get into them (surprising). I need my own music podcast I guess.
  7. BrettMorris

    Episode 216.5 ā€” 1/23/15 TWO CHARTED 155

    Melvins rule. Wish we could talk about more of that kinda stuff. Although my favorite Melvins is with the big business guys.
  8. BrettMorris

    Episode 216 ā€” Indie Gu Gu

    indiegugu.com is real. and perks and stretch goals are still being added. just FYI! thanks so much to all who have already donated.
  9. BrettMorris

    Episode 190 ā€” Tig's Love Life Update

    It keeps getting reported or something, just FYI. Your crush is noted.
  10. BrettMorris

    Episode 328 ā€” Beatle Heaven

    thank you!
  11. BrettMorris

    Episode 214.5 ā€” 1/09/15 TWO CHARTED 153

    i was trying to say he's digging for tiny nuggets of gold in these dungheaps of songs, but he won't have it! howard is different, that's why we love him. I will say though that if you do get on the topic of more timeless music and the classic bands and stuff, he's heard it all and can get surprisingly wonky. it's almost like he's lived 1000 years and is just bored with quality.
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    Episode 214.5 ā€” 1/09/15 TWO CHARTED 153

    we were in a complete post-vacation daze during this, esp me, so it's probably lamer than usual
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    Episode 210 ā€” Artisanal Podcasting

    I want to! Not sure yet.
  14. She also mentioned she was a libertarian, so she probably meant it...
  15. you guys all did really really ok
  16. none of you said hi to me
  17. BrettMorris

    Episode 210.5 ā€” 12/12/14 TWO CHARTED 149

    I have no idea actually, but no need to buy again if you already have it. I just want people to have it. I'm thinking of putting the Sly Stallone theme up somewhere to buy.
  18. BrettMorris

    Episode 210.5 ā€” 12/12/14 TWO CHARTED 149

    it's a sample of some sort. love it though. love roger waters (howard doesn't)
  19. BrettMorris

    Episode 210.5 ā€” 12/12/14 TWO CHARTED 149

    I noticed you rejected my hard work!
  20. It really depends on the needs of the podcast. The latest Sly Stallone probably took me 5-6 hours all said and done, at least. I remember this one took a long time (I wouldn't be surprised if it was over 10 hours), because I really wanted to make it special and I was personally involved in putting it on. So I recorded the entire show multi-tracked for every single mic and instrument, which I've never done before or since for a live podcast. I basically broke it down and built it back up from scratch so I could get the band sounding this way. Took many hours because I mixed it like a record. Normally live shows are just mastering a basic stereo mix, as they usually don't call for more. I wish everyone could have seen it in person, it was magic, especially when Sean showed up.
  21. BrettMorris

    Episode 210 ā€” Artisanal Podcasting

    I just want chartists to realize that it's like the Who Charted magnum opus
  22. Between Master Blaster and pizza crust, case closed has given me the best analogies I've heard for years.
  23. BrettMorris

    Episode 210 ā€” Artisanal Podcasting

    Does anyone not have the bundle yet?
  24. BrettMorris

    Episode 210 ā€” Artisanal Podcasting

    Not so much. I love photoshop though, I've done a lot of stupid mashups with it.