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  1. Yeah, i mean the Scott's are funny guys naturally, but i didn't think this would actually be them genuinely talking about how good U2 is. I mean, i'll listen to it, but its definitely no Analyze Phish.
  2. beerwolf

    Episode 31 — Surprise Surprise

    Since i was threatened, i suppose i will comment now.
  3. beerwolf

    Episode 233 — Royal Watching

    Nevermind i found it. Just search odenkirk on ticketmaster. But tickets are not on sale until Wed for the chicago show.
  4. beerwolf

    Episode 233 — Royal Watching

    i can't find tickets for this tour anywhere.
  5. beerwolf

    Episode 205 — Titans of Comedy

    "Nate" Fielder was freaking hilarious. It made me go check out Nathan For You. It is one of the funniest shows i've seen in a long time.
  6. beerwolf

    Episode 200 — Halfway To China

    Can someone please tell me when the video will be posted? I'm home all day and i'm holding on listening so i can watch it. Please, you are killing me inside.
  7. beerwolf

    Episode 10 — On The Catwalk

    Thanks to the effing nerds on here, we spent 50 minutes rolling to attack 3 people.
  8. No, not really losing me. But, i would of loved to have you rip into Jonnay(or whatever the hell her name is) about her homeless situation. But, i know you can't burn your reality show bridges.
  9. I'm hoping for a review of Buck Wild sometime again in the near future. That show is just insane. Also, i watched a cooking reality show for the first time last night. The Taste. It is a pretty good concept. Pick a cook based on one spoon of food that they made. Although, i feel like it would be pretty easy to pick the pro chefs out by the presentation and degree of difficulty. I would just pick the ones i think are chefs because they are obviously skilled at everything. I also feel like it would be the perfect opportunity for an average person to say they are a home cook to get on the show. Then, make something and somehow sneak dog shit into the bottom of the spoon. Can you imagine being the guy that got Anthony Bourdain to eat dogshit?
  10. Jason lost his sack reviewing this movie. Apparently watching a movie and they cue "sad music" is enough to convince you that this is good.
  11. beerwolf

    Episode 193 — What Else? What Else?

    Listen, i totally dig the ladies. I mean, they rev my engine. But they don't belong in the newsroom.
  12. beerwolf

    Episode 7 — Killer Tracks

    Turn this part up, I love it when mice sing.
  13. beerwolf

    Episode 50.5 — Minisode 50.5

    Guys, how can you not see this as a joke? The guy is a comedy writer. He is basically trying to create a meme on tshirts. And yes, he may actually make a little money too.
  14. Allright this is driving me crazy. I've only ever heard it pronounced MAR-ee-o. Most people on the show pronounce it that way but June and Paul keep saying Mary-o. What is the deal?
  15. beerwolf

    Episode 43 — Wild Wild West

    Exactly. Look, i like Kevin Smith. I've listened to his podcasts and i know what i'm going to get from him. That being said, this episode sucked. I've heard these stories before. You can't really say you did an episode on WWW because you said nothing of the actual movie. You mentioned the spider about 100 times but thats it. I mean come on. Please stop turning this into famous people and their stories. I get that everywhere else. I tune in to hear Jason say how bonkers or bat shit insane a movie is.