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    Episode 65 — Computer Strength

    I pretty much agree with thestray on this topic. I think Gottfried's joke made fun of the victims of the tragedy in a really callous way, and it would have been the same if he'd been making fun of Katrina victims. Just as I don't think we should say that comedy about a tough subject is "too soon" just because it's comedy, I also don't think you should hide behind the banner that "it's just comedy" when you're being so callous about the victims of a tragedy. In one case the comedy is making fun of the people who promote a culture of gun-worship and people who take advantage of children's grief; in the other case the comedy is making fun of victims. I think that's the difference - not the timing, and certainly not the issue of whether it's a straightforward opinion, a story, or comedy. As to the firing, I didn't (and wouldn't have) called for it, and his joke really doesn't affect whether I would buy Aflac. I do think there's a censorship element to going after the job of anyone who says something you find offensive. But I don't think that just talking about why I don't like the joke and find it malicious is the same thing.
  2. ScruggyBear

    submit youtube clips for improv4humans

    I wanted to submit the Phil Davidson rant, but I see I got beaten to it. I'd love to hear that on the show. In lieu of that, I have another entertaining political video, albeit a bit shorter, from my great home state. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jU7fhIO7DG0
  3. ScruggyBear

    Episode 30 — Toast Points

    I could honestly listen to Matt Besser argue about Star Trek for hours.
  4. ScruggyBear

    Episode 31 — Cyborgs

    Well, there certainly could be something to God's Laws just being weird and arbitrary. Harris's explanation of pork taboos doesn't really explain all the other weird food taboos in the Old Testament. The only explanation I've heard had something to do with animals looking like monsters or something (shellfish), or animals that have cloven hooves but don't chew cud or vice versa... Which is kind of arbitrary and doesn't make sense, but humans are often arbitrary and don't make sense, so I could buy it.
  5. ScruggyBear

    Episode 31 — Cyborgs

    Marvin Harris posited that the reason for the pork taboo had more to do with how shitty it would be to herd pigs through the desert. Unlike, say, goats, pigs basically just eat the same things humans do, so they'd be taking away some of the people's own food supply instead of just grazing. Also, goats provide wool, milk, and blood all throughout their lives, whereas pigs only provide meat. Well, I guess pigs have milk, but I've never tasted any and I assume there's a good reason for that. The thing about food poisoning doesn't make that much sense because the other meats they ate apparently had just as high (if not higher) rates of food poisoning.