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  1. Has Pandora ever pushed anything on you that is super cool and that you've never heard before? What channel did it come in through? Why do you like it so much? My off the top of the head submission 5. Polkadot Cadaver - Chloroform Girl 4. Separated at Birth - DJ Format, Abdominal & D-Sisive 3. Hiding - Breakstra 2. The General - Dispatch 1. Gary Wilson - 6.4 = Makeout
  2. I was lucky to get to see this show live in Portland. It was the highlight of the festival for sure. What might have been the most funny part of the show was the crowd's and panel's dread/exasperation/laughter when no one else had a story to tell from the suggestion and Gelman volunteered to tell a story, again. Great show.