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  1. Three more days to Halloween, Halloween, Halloween, Three more days to Halloween, Silver Shamrock!


    Hey if you have Spectrum and you subscribe to the Starz Encore channels you can stream this movie for free. Just hit the select button on your remote when you arrive at one of those Starz channels.


    I found an alternate movie poster for the movie and had a little fun with it. Happy Halloween everybody!



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  2. I really related to the Best Summer Ever Guy's story about his buddy Jake.


    The other day best my buddy told me that when he was three he stepped on a poolside folding chair that whipped up and severed his tongue. His mom thought that the piece of tongue that fell onto the pavement was gross and she threw it away. To this day he cannot pronounce any word with an "L" in it. A few years later he mistakenly drank some Drano and his parents made him eat butter telling him that it would neutralize the poison. He puked for days. He also told me about the time his dad pushed him off the roof onto a trampoline where he bounced and landed on their mailbox. He broke three ribs and his dad laughed about it for weeks.


    This is going to be the best summer ever.

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