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  1. "The world would be a poorer place without Doctor Who." -- Steven Spielberg http://t.co/WVxx8qnU

  2. Haha! See? Even the worst episodes have great moments. http://t.co/Jjf6IgbO

  3. James Phelps, when he read Fred's death. http://t.co/19xr8Fha

  4. Fabulous deleted scene between Flesh and Stone/Vampires of Venice! "The Doctor: I dunno, [i'm] Ganda http://t.co/3AkVZU3f

  5. "This is the tale of Captain Jack Harkness!" Even if you don't like podcasts, listen to the first tw http://t.co/AhBZOVqo

  6. Nerdlacquer, please come back soon. Pretty please? http://t.co/UDWxSQJP

  7. Comedy Bang Bang is going on tour and I just bought two tickets to the Boston show! #cbbtv http://t.co/kgrC5SZl

  8. Conan's version of the Thor trailer still makes me laugh. http://t.co/QyuksfLv