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  1. 6 hours ago, DannytheWall said:

    To have the fate entire film industry of 2020 riding on the reception of this movie was poorly chosen. 



    Yeah I get the reason for choosing this as the tentpole film to re-energize the theater industry, but the problem in the states was that it wasn't a shared consensus of theaters being open as each state was having different levels of opening  and in some cases the counties were different within the state. On top of that even if an area was open, the theater might have chose to remain closed. When I saw it in theaters, I had to drive 45 minutes to a Regal theater that was open because the ones closer to me had not reopened yet, so with that I decided since I was driving so far I would see two movies and chose this and The New Mutants because they were the two newest. So with limited options on multiple fronts, it wasn't surprising that a movie like this wasn't the industry savior people were saying it was going to be.

  2. 13 minutes ago, gigi-tastic said:

    He has full on coke bloat

    Well considering this was filmed at the end of the 80s when his career rise had hit the skids with a horrible run on SNL and two back-to-back flops in theaters, yeah he likely had developed a liking to the smell of coke.

  3. 2 hours ago, sycasey 2.0 said:

    Okay, at one point Jerry Orbach leaves his office with the woman cop to go discuss something, leaving Gnorm with the other skeevy rival detective (Kaminsky) to watch him. Then Gnorm escapes and Kaminsky is behind the desk . . . naked? Why did either he or Gnorm take his clothes off? I can think of several potential explanations for this, all of them disturbing.

    Yeah there was no explanation for it. He decides to sit behind the boss' desk and then I assume gets horny at the idea of being the boss someday?

  4. 16 minutes ago, Catfish said:

    But by far the *most* disturbing part of the film is Casey’s hair in the first scene.  That wet, greasy mullet was so disgusting and unsettling.  I was afraid his hair was going to look like that throughout the movie.  If so, I would not have been able to watch.


    Again, I contend that he was originally told to or decided to play the character as a cokehead.

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  5. On 1/15/2021 at 11:24 AM, gigi-tastic said:

    Are we not going to talk about this creature and it's main form of attack which is biting people's genitals?! It has giant long arms perfect for hitting but Gnrom seems to relish jumping up and biting people's junk. I was lying down for this motion picture and each dick chomp made me wish I could lie down harder I felt so unwell.  Is this why he has unsettling human teeth? Is this a Gnorm thing or is this a fighting technique of his people? Perhaps a fight or flight response? All I know is I never want to see a gnome go for someone's crotch again. 

    Yeah I was legit shocked when Gnorm stopped one the gangsters, I think it was gold switchblade guy, by basically what looked like giving him an over-the-pants rusty trombone, this is to assume that Gnome and human anatomy is similar or Gnorm thought it might be so that would be his first strike in case of defense. Also was I the only one who thought Hall was playing his character a bit like a cokehead? This seems especially evident when he's introduced he's firing off his lines at a mile a minute and just rambling, which made me wonder if that was part of his character given that this was made in the late 80s. As for Robert Z'Dar, he was mostly used as the heavy or big villain in films because of his cherubism which gave him his pronounced jawline and body size made him appear very imposing and he was the titular character in the Maniac Cop trilogy in the 80s, which also starred the female lead of this film in the first sequel. He was also in another should be covered by the show movie, Samurai Cop.

    In regards to Blockbuster, I must be young enough to never remember them editing their movies, because whenever I went there the movies were untouched, but some would require you to either be 17 to check out or in my case, not have any checkout restrictions from my parents on the account, because I seeing the director's cut of Color of Night on the shelves as well as finding out in high school that the drama aisles had what amounted to softcore porn. Was there some kind of customer revolt that caused them to retract their policy of editing their movies?

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  6. 3 minutes ago, GrahamS. said:

    I can’t believe they haven’t done Lucy yet. That may perversely be one of my favorites of his because it’s so completely batshit. It’s gotta be near the top 10 on the the list of films that think they’re profound but are actually spouting gibberish. In fact, I may have to bump that one of it’s on here. I want them to do a bigger-scale WTF movie on the show.

    If I didn't create that one I know I wrote a lot on that entry, that movie can straight screw itself for how stupid it is when it thinks it's smart. It's like a D student writing 1 + 1 = 4 and sitting down like he just figured out the answer to world hunger.

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  7. 4 hours ago, GrahamS. said:

    I know people love to hate on Tarantino’s brand of auteurism, but I could never really get into Besson’s. Most of his films really feel like a mix of self-aware hipness, pretentiousness (if that’s a word), and bonkers, empty plotting. There are a few I find passably entertaining (The Fifth Element is a film solely created as a stoner spectacle, in my opinion, and I did genuinely like the District B13 films, but I don’t think he directed those), but by and large his movies feel like they’ve been made by an “edgy” poser. They look cool and that’s it. Give me some old-school Walter Hill movies or—if you’re going with arty pulp— some Jean-Pierre Melville films, please.

    Besson is weird in that his movies are either over the top action/sci-fi or artsy/serious films that you know he thinks he'll win an Oscar for, with a perfect example of going from The Fifth Element to The Messenger: The Story of Joan of Arc. I mean I'm going through his filmography right now and there are a slew of films that would be perfect for the show from From Paris With Love to Lucy to Taken 3. Hell another subgenre for him is how he redoes the same plot in different movies as Colombiana and to a greater extent Anna (another prime choice for the show) are copies of La Femme Nikita.

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  8. 8 hours ago, CNU2007 said:

    I have heard that this movie is wild and quirky and Crispin Glover steals the show.

    It is on my Amazon Prime/Hulu watchlist as it is available on both services. Maybe I will have to watch it soon and see if it is zany and insane enough for HDTGM.

    It's not crazy like some of the Nic Cage movies that have been covered and it's not good with no real plot, especially if you don't realize it's a spiritual sequel to Killing Zoe and what happened in that film. Glover is the second best part of the film behind the lead but his fake accent ruins his character, especially when they do a meta commentary on it by saying he's doing a put-upon accent because he wants to be French. That would be fine if every other French accent in the movie, and there are a few, aren't just as terrible as his so there is no barometer of an "authentic" accent in this universe. And given the history of the fallout between Quentin Tarantino and Roger Avary, with Avary claiming that QT stole all of his ideas for scripts, this really exemplifies his lack of ANY real ideas after what they had in Pulp Fiction, if he had any past characters that were caricatures and over the top violence. During the Reindeer Games episode the crew made a joke about old-school directors like John Frankenheimer feeling like they needed to up their game after Pulp Fiction came out and had to be more inventive in their violence and action, this movie makes Avary literally a parody of those directors who were trying to ape the style he was a part of ushering in with Pulp Fiction.

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  9. 7 hours ago, GrahamS. said:

    You followed it better than I did. Honestly, I started fast-forwarding it to the action sequences after 45 minutes just to get through it, so I didn’t grab the plot’s nuances.

    what’s your least favorite Nolan? My previous one was Interstellar. Since the hook of his movies are often based around their rewatchability and close study, these two are the ones I found I had no desire to rewatch.

    I would say Interstellar because I just now remembered that was his movie after you mentioned it. It had a nice build and did well in building the science of it all (albeit stealing the wormhole description scene almost shot for shot from Event Horizon), but I figured out the twist less than halfway in and it killed the momentum for me, along with its How I Met Your Mother-esque ending where what we thought was the whole reason the main character was going through the whole movie was not in fact his real endgame of getting back to his daughter and instead just go back to Anne Hathaway, just made it very ho-hum for me.

    For this movie one another huge thing I noticed is how much John Washington is altering his acting style to mimic his dad's, especially in comparison to BlacKkKlansman and it's night and day. From his mannerism to how he talks I would have almost thought it was Denzel in this movie if I closed my eyes.

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  10. I enjoyed it when  I saw it Labor Day weekend despite there being a lot of plot holes in regards to the mechanics of the inversion of time, which I assume was a studio addition of the line about "don't think about it just move by instinct and you're good." Nolan again shows he's the master of set pieces in movies because the big action sections were fantastic, especially the final act which I'm wondering how they did it given Nolan's preference for practical effects. After I got done I knew it wouldn't be everyone's cup of tea with the attempts to come off as heady while simplistic. There's always going to be logic/continuity issues in time loop/multiple plane films because they never seem to follow their own rules in order to try and be approachable to as big an audience as possible. They tried to instill an idea that the future is not set and can change but at the same time work so hard at keeping it the same when they are inverted and go back to normal, so the reveal at the end of who created the Tenet organization shows along with everything preceding that reveal shows time is set within this universe which kinda removes the tension of the villains plot. It's not my favorite Nolan film but it isn't my least as well.

  11. A self described semi-sequel to the cult heist film Killing Zoe (despite there being really no connection to that film outside of a similar sounding name for the main character.) Watching this it's clear that Roger Avary had a single idea and has ridden it into the ground after breaking away from Quentin Tarantino. Not only are there numerous horrible French accents, extreme violence for the sake of it, and quirky characters that add nothing to the movie, but it wastes some good character actors in Crispin Glover and Clifton Collins Jr. The lead actor is easily the best part of the film which is a shame as he looks to be genuinely having a good time in this horrid film and portrays his role of an ex-con really well. The movie also can be covered solely for the fact that there's a scene of Crispin Glover utilizing a lowrider which up to this point I didn't know that I needed in my life.

  12. The talk about lack of support reminds me when I couldn't log back into my account for about two months as I had my password/username logged in and it got cleared when I updated my browser. Tried contacting support and got zilch for it, and was only able to get back on by process of elimination of my login combos. It's also kind of telling when this is really one of the only forums still going on the page as other shows have fallen off the map or haven't even been given one, like How Did This Get Played when I checked a few months back, though that could have changed.

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  13. 1 hour ago, Ofcoursemyhorse said:

    Oldman's performance is so wildly over the top I could easily be convinced that Nicolas Cage watched this movie before he did Bad Lieutenant for inspiration. 

    Tom Hardy has said this performance was the most picked by his classmates in acting school for monologue practice. Also I have to assume Gerard Butler also saw this and said to himself "every performance will be that minus 2, next stop Hollywood."

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  14. 2 hours ago, Baron said:

    Apparently the original script had a sex scene between the two of them, and Natalie's parents went "WTF!"

    What's worse is that Matilda is the one who initiates it, and Leon is crying during it as the rest of the script makes allusions to him being a virgin who's uncomfortable in situations with almost anyone, especially women. So his response is that of someone being taken advantage of by a person he has started to care about, once concerns were raised to Luc Besson, he realized that that subplot might not go well in a movie in the 90s.

    As for the DEA taskforce Oldman leads, it definitely is an influence on a crapton of cop shows and movies that have come out since where central characters are part of either a street-level or undercover taskforce and don't play the traditional part of what we expect cops or federal agents to be. From The Shield to lesser known shows like Wanted and Graceland, you can see the ties to this group and the corrupt head of the squad.

  15. 3 hours ago, Ofcoursemyhorse said:

    Thomas Jane was blowing up for a bit earlier in his career. It's hilarious that being a diva on the set of The Punisher is how he decided to shit tank his career. He was great on The Expanse though. 

    Cusack clearly suffers from Jaime Kennedy syndrome where anyone who criticizes the garbage their in, they just discount it to haters "not understanding their art".

    Ah Jamie "I can get piss drunk and make lame video game jokes at an E3 presentation" Kennedy, the lukewarm gift that keeps on giving. I think he's still getting into Twitter arguments with people about that debacle to this day. As for Jane, even the Punisher short film he did to try and build interest in a return movie for him was completely off the mark of what the character was, as he deliberately ignores various crimes to cheekily do his laundry, and only getting involved after a woman has been assaulted to the point she's almost limping. He's done good things before and after his fall but it is interesting to see how he's just settled into this spot of doing the same role and either wearing the same wig or talking like he has Bells Palsy as a way to try and make it look like he's adding layers to his character.

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  16. 17 hours ago, Elektra Boogaloo said:

    I THOUGHT that, like Genie in Aladdin, he could only do what other people wished for. But then there were times he ordered soldiers around and they just listened, so that confused me. You are correct that the rules were unclear. There also seemed to be some confusion between “wants” and “wishes.” Again if we use the “Aladdin” model, he has to say my second wish is... etc. but I do think Cheetah saying she wants to be an apex predator was supposed to count as a wish. Perhaps because the dreamstone is designed to create chaos and not actually to grant wishes, it had very loose policies. 

    I also wondered about timezones. Because why would everyone be awake to hear Lord and Diana talk to them? Do they not e it’s this world. What do we think? Russia was awake. So was the US East Coast, Egypt, I think China?

    Yeah for the most part the montage was all daytime but that shouldn't work given you had shots in Asia, England, the Middle East, and across America. It was the same mistake made in Hostel 2 where they were showing people involved in an auction for potential victims and every shot of a bidder was during the day but showed places like  Japan, the Midwestern US, and Italy. The shots could have worked if they had just made some of them set at night or even early morning, especially in WW where Lord was being simulcast across the world.

    As for the soldiers, the ones from the kingdom were under Lord's control because when he granted the king's wish for the wall he took control of his security force which as it was said was very gray and all encompassing. As for the American soldiers, they weren't under his spell, but he had been given that uber authority by the President after granting his wish so they were following that executive order, granted they were following it pretty blindly but that's what it was.

  17. 3 hours ago, grudlian. said:

    Are you playing on a PS4 (or possibly Xbox One)? Everyone I've seen saying it's not that bad or no major issues are playing PC or current gen consoles. The only person I know who played it on PS4 said that it's about as bad as people are saying.

    As someone who wasn't particularly interested in ever playing it, I don't really care too much how well it plays but it certainly seems dishonest that CDPR wouldn't let reviewers play on consoles and the consoles are having issues. That isn't a coincidence in my mind.

    Playing on a PS4 here and yeah not having major issues. Out of the 65 hrs I've already put into it it's only crashed three times and the rest is the usual bugs you see in huge open world games. Yeah it's dishonest to put an review embargo on consoles, but seeing some of the clickbaity reviews after the fact where article thumbnails make it look like PS2 graphics are equally as bad. It's a funny thing I've noticed with how critics and players react to major Triple-A titles that have a bit of build up to them.

    On one hand you have CDPR who have been teasing and promoting the shit out of this game for eight years by the time of its release and by all accounts went at a pretty steady pace to develop the game with no real crunch until this last year to try and get the game out in the current generation. The end result was a game that had serious problems and needed massive patches on release to fix them (the patch I had to download when I put the disc in the first time was 47GB,) and it is being lambasted for said result. On the other hand you have a developer like Rockstar that even though everyone knows they are working on a game, no one really knows what it is until about 18 months before its release and it's a gradual marketing strategy that usually starts with a title/logo reveal followed by quick teasers and eventually full trailers and gameplay footage. They got lambasted with the release of Red Dead Redemption 2 because it was revealed that they were working almost 100hr work weeks to make the game and make it as immersive as many had every seen in a video game.

    The difference though was that the game came out with virtually no bugs and only the usual glitches an open world game has like animal skins being on the wrong animal. Outside of that the game was the game of the year in both critical and financial terms. I'm not saying time crunch is the way to go but the hypocrisy of the game playing public with these two games is astonishing, because you can bet if CDPR was allowed to finish the polish on the game and do a proper release on next gen systems it would be lauded as a masterpiece, but the push was being made for a release NOW. And of all the people playing RDR2 who also bemoaned the crunch had noticed a glitch or some piece of realism they felt should have been there that wasn't, because Rockstar didn't crunch to get it made, they would be giving it the treatment Cyberpunk is getting right now. I mean in RDR2 the balls on the horse you ride retract if it's too cold, that was a time crunch decision, and if it wasn't in the game there would be some reviewer who also studied equine science in college who would go after Rockstar for the lack of realism in the game and say more time should have been spent on adding to the overall experience.

    Not saying one is more ideal than the other but everything I've been seeing and reading regarding this debacle has been a bit overblown by quite a few outlets. Granted CDPR did not help their cause with how this was marketed, but the backlash and clickbait was insane in response to the game.

  18. So the game I'm playing now is Cyberpunk 2077 and holy shit if it isn't a direct sequel to Johnny Mnemonic.  Keanu's character is essentially what Johnny would have become after the movie and there are characters that are addicted to upgrades or see them as a religious venture like Dolph Lundgren's character, plus a version of the Ice-T anarchist group live out in the barren wastelands surrounding the city. The game even has the laser whip as an optional weapon!

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  19. 9 hours ago, GrahamS. said:

    As long as the stuff you’re looking up is interesting, I’m in. If it’s just busywork to fill time (which I thought the paperwork in Control was—they really could have made the reports more interesting than they were), not so much.

    It all depends on your idea of interesting, but it does play an important part in finding out where you need to go in this city to continue cases. It's not a huge part of the gameplay and doesn't deter from the great environment and sense of dread built within it. It was also one of those games I had to push through at points as I have a fear of open water and there are creatures aplenty inside the water of this game.