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  1. MichaelBrown

    The Baby (1973)

    Just watch this trailer... https://youtu.be/sAb3J7WONhE
  2. MichaelBrown

    Why did they change the theme song?

    Profess ignorance on given subject. Give strong opinions on the very same subject. Look like asshole. Thank you Jason, I would have missed this. I'm just gonna leave this here, I think you'll like it. Just kidding you can't tell the difference between The Roots or Gucci Main, or Talib Kweli or Lil Wayne.
  3. MichaelBrown

    Mortdecai (2015)

    I agree Blast. Beautiful but useless. The first time I saw a preview for this movie, I was confused. It looked like a silly kids movie. But the ad was during an Adult Swim show. I was thinking to myself, "There is no way this movie is rated R, it would have no audience. It must be based on a book or old TV show. Because it's presented like you already know him." But the previews do not made me want to read the books though.
  4. MichaelBrown

    Ninja Apocalypse

    This is a post apocalyptic fantasy martial arts remake of "The Warriors." http://youtu.be/PVKmBZ0IhsA I would love to know how this was made.
  5. MichaelBrown


    Yeah they pretty much destroy this movie on MST3K. But I think these guys could still make a great podcast about it. It's got enough stupidity to go around.
  6. MichaelBrown

    The Gingerdead Man (2005)

    Yeah, Santa's Slay is awful. But this movie is filled with wtf moments. I just watched it with my family. My daughter could not believe what she was seeing. It was worth it to see her reaction. Sorry about starting a new thread, I did a search.
  7. MichaelBrown

    The Gingerdead Man (2005)

    The Gingerdead Man - Original Trailer: Do I need to say anything.
  8. MichaelBrown

    The Interview

    Not trolling, this movie is bad. I am really asking if anyone thought this was good. I can't believe anyone liked it. That's why I recommended it. Usually you see people saying not to do a movie because it was good. But no one is saying that. I figured the Earwolf forums could take a joke. Especially in a forum about laughing at movies.
  9. MichaelBrown

    The Interview

    Everyone is taking this all rather seriously... Did you guys like this movie? There's no way you liked this movie.
  10. MichaelBrown

    The Interview

    How has no one suggested this? A movie so bad the studio had to make fake threats to itself, upload a few of their own films to the internet, and cause a faux-controversy...All to cover up the fact that their movie is garbage. This movie is so bad that Sony did all this so they could use patriotism to save the stars' careers. Feeling like someone tried to take away your right to choose is supposed to make you tolarate mediocrity. People are going to see this crap and go, "That was great, fuck you North Korea!"
  11. MichaelBrown

    Episode 93 — Staying Alive: LIVE!

    I thought that song at the beginning of the movie sounded familiar, but I knew I had never heard it. That's more like it.
  12. MichaelBrown

    Episode 90 — Sharknado 2: The Second One

    Just wanted to point out that the black lady with the terrible weave who can't ride a bike is Peppa, from Salt and Peppa fame. With her horrible Latoya Jackson nose job.
  13. These are very disturbing. I mean if you bang a puppet that's your business. But you marry it? You get it pregnant? You have the baby? Does your house have a roof? What do the puppet masters make of all this?
  14. MichaelBrown

    Episode 198.5 — Sklarbro County 103

    Thank you for the Ghostface/Mary J. Blidge track at the beginning. That is one of my favorite songs. I marked out when I heard, "What they give you blood?" I was told to stop.playing it at work cause it's too sad.