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    Episode 72 — Expectations/Tig Update

    I'm not gonna lie, I got a bit 'teary-eyed Tig' when I was listening to this episode. Tig, I'm so happy to hear that you are cancer free! My friend and I always call each other to discuss the hilarity on the earwolf podcasts. Lately, all we've been discussing is how you had to pull through this. You just had to. And when we talked about this episode via text, caps lock was overly used to show our excitement for you. I can't wait to buy your new CD and to hear you on This American Life. David, Kyle and Aaron - keep pooping on beaches, keep telling embarrassing stories and keep having no emotions, respectively.
  2. maggerstrom

    Comedy Bang Bang on tour

    I just got my tickets to the Chicago show AND I got my season pass on iTunes for the CBB tv show!