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    EPISODE 260 — OLO!!!

    Whoa. Howard owes Ku a huge apology! Ku brought in “White Iverson” by Post Malone as her song in February on the #219.5 Two charted episode. Not only did she play the song 10 months ago, Howard also got furious at the lyrics “saucing on you”. Check it out at about 35 mins in.
  2. LIlAsh

    Episode 173 — Doughnut Agree

    Mike's unfunny rant about Barkhad Abdi wasn't just mean but was racist. He went on about how ugly he was but also how stupid he was for moving to LA to pursue a career. Mike seems to think that because abdi is an immigrant that he is ignorant of how Hollywood works. The funny thing is that Abdi just won a BAFTA and also landed a roll in Judd Apatows new film. So if a Somalian immigrant who isn't attractive enough for Hollywood is seemingly making a career for himself, what's the excuse for Lawrence a white, university educated American for not being successful? Lawrence brought up Jim Henson who defied odds, followed his passion and made a career out of puppets, yet he disparages others from doing the same. I hope Abdi proves him wrong and no doubt Lawrence's unique brand of unfunny comedy (like dryly retelling portions of the Simpsons, brilliant) we won't have to put up with him on too many screens