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  1. design for the tour truck is done, finished lantern lost in the land of the frost in a fortnight, wish me well as I surely do, for you.

  2. Remixing B.O.B. Marilyn Manson Method Man YelaWolf and Biggie Smalls , choking myself with my scarf

  3. dont even read your tweets

  4. whats this for again

  5. Audio: good morning asses dimiss your previous expectations from the spunds archives, please check this tune... http://t.co/oV6bXEqX

  6. Audio: Robyn, 2PAC, PANTALEON, STEVE BC music by stephen carlander remix http://t.co/9LPUVxzO

  7. Charming G Man- MorriPSy - You come up with a better title mix by @mrstevebc via #soundcloud http://t.co/cPVW1X8K

  8. Listen to Appealing to Consumers: http://t.co/He5BquXn via @Earwolf

  9. this pats jets game is awesome

  10. Mos Def - Traveling man - Mikey Likey So its Right Mix by @mrstevebc via #soundcloud http://t.co/6plXzNJy

  11. Chelsea were good but lucky to face Spurs without Dembele and Bale. Last goal wa inconsequential. on to the next match COYS

  12. Posted a new song: "Everbody - w/ Wisconsin Brian Johnson on guitar" http://t.co/bxCdbFst #music

  13. I just want to write a song for selena gomez that is as smart as she is, love you like a love song is pretty tastey

  14. Hello Nasty is one of the greatest albums ever made

  15. Wake up from visceral dreams, full movies, epic games, if they are not parallel universe cities with familiar faces with unlimited abilities

  16. mca and mikey, I need some positive people like that its too much to just miss them,fuck. be good to people, ask the same of me. thats all

  17. fox news feels like a dogs dick pic's being flipped really fast